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Holman, Scharff to vie for board seat on open-space district
Their City Council tenures may be coming to an end, but Karen Holman and Greg Scharff are preparing to square off in another... Last comment 10 hours ago | 73 comments

City rushes to pass law for residents facing eviction
With residents of President Hotel bracing for displacement, Palo Alto officials are rushing to draft an urgency ordinance... Last comment 3 hours ago | 61 comments

Former Palo Altans trade Silicon Valley lifestyle for better 'quality of life' elsewhere
Former Palo Altans have a spectrum of attitudes toward their city and Silicon Valley, which has burgeoned into a technological,... Last comment 22 hours ago | 199 comments

Editorial: Your friend, not enemy
In an effort to focus public attention on the dangers of the President Donald Trump's attacks, we join in an unprecedented... Last comment 19 hours ago | 7 comments

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BlacKkKlansman "Do we always have to talk politics?" a man asks. "What's more important?" a woman replies. This exchange in the new Spike Lee joint "BlacKkKlansman" sums up the director's own sweet spot as an artist. No, he doesn't always have to talk politics, but...... Read the full review

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