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School district criticizes county's Stanford housing study
The Palo Alto school board backed on Tuesday a strongly worded letter that calls a new Santa Clara County draft environmental... Last comment 25 minutes ago | 15 comments

Editorial: Stanford's housing obligations
As Stanford University approaches the final few months of county review of its proposed new general use permit, a new county... Last comment 21 hours ago | 26 comments

Regional group exploring housing solutions
On Wednesday, the Committee to House the Bay Area will present the public's input on how to build more affordable and low-income... Last comment 1 hour ago | 16 comments

City gives new focus on transportation needs
Last month, with little warning and no fanfare, Palo Alto's new Office of Transportation opened for business. Read the full... Last comment 10 hours ago | 39 comments

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The Equalizer 2
Whole star Whole star
The Equalizer 2 In a marketplace with dwindling opportunities outside of genre films, the "Taken" franchise proved that an aging serious actor like Liam Neeson could be repurposed by sticking a gun in his hand, assigning him a "special set of skills," and sending hi...... Read the full review

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