Area riders will have dual goals
Publication Date: Friday Jul 29, 1994

Area riders will have dual goals

The 13th annual Race Across America will be more than a race for three Stanford graduates. It will be two races.

The mixed tandem team of Shawn and Antoinette Addison of Menlo Park will compete against individual rider John Hughes of Portola Valley, with each "team" attempting to be the first to reach 10 selected checkpoints during the 2,095-mile cycling race that begins today in Irvine for individual riders. Teams will depart Sunday.

Cash prizes will be awarded by the Stanford Federal Credit Union, which is sponsoring the race within a race. Because individual male riders generally go faster than mixed tandems, Hughes will have a time handicap. If the Addisons finish within 24 hours of his arrival at the finish line in Savannah, Ga., they will win the final prize.

A total of $1,500 is being offered by the credit union, with prizes being awarded at each checkpoint.

--Geoff Lepper 

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