Chapman, Dudley for Atherton
Publication Date: Wednesday Oct 30, 1996

Chapman, Dudley for Atherton

Challenge is healthy, but incumbents would serve best

Two Atherton residents, Bob Jenkins and Estelle Hoffman, are challenging longtime City Council members Nan Chapman and Malcolm Dudley this year.

When you consider that Chapman already has served for four terms and Dudley for five and that they've gone unchallenged in the past 10 years, it's certainly reasonable to ask whether it's time for a change. m Jenkins, a private investor, corporate director and former crisis/turnaround executive, faults the City Council for a "lack of professionalism" and a "lackadaisical approach," particularly to budget management and lack of attention to deferred maintenance. He advocates a strong application of the business model to city government.

Hoffman, a longtime resident and civic activist who has been involved in local real estate, developing and managing business and family trusts, says the City Council has not been as effective as it could have been in managing the city staff, which recently has experienced turnover. She also criticizes the recent, aborted deal in which the town appeared willing to take action to create a tax benefit for a resident who was willing to rent his house to the police chief at below market value.

We are pleased to see a contested election in Atherton because this brings out a discussion of the issues. However, we feel that Jenkins carries his corporate model for city government too far and that Hoffman offers little indication that she would do a superior job managing the city. At a time when most of the few senior city staff members are new, Chapman and Dudley offer institutional memory, needed continuity and a moderate, consensus-oriented approach. We recommend their re-election.

Zlotnick for water board Publication Date: Wednesday Oct 30, 1996

Zlotnick for water board

Voters have two strong choices in the race for the District 5 seat on the Santa Clara Valley Water District, which oversees the supply and quality of our water and decides on flood control projects.

Marge Bruno, 62, is a former Los Altos mayor with a long career in local public service, including chairmanship of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Though her past service has not been strongly focused on water issues, Bruno certainly knows the ropes of local and county government. Her backers include Santa Clara County Supervisor Dianne McKenna and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo.

Gregory A. Zlotnick, 32, is seeking elected office for the first time but has considerable experience and knowledge in water matters. He has worked as an aide on environmental issues for former State Sen. Becky Morgan and Tom Campbell, and currently serves as assistant to the director of the California Department of Fish and Game. If elected, Zlotnick plans to resign the Sacramento job and return to Palo Alto, where he has long maintained voting residence. In addition to many current and former Palo Alto City Council members, Zlotnick is backed by Assemblyman Dominic Cortese (Reform Party-San Jose), chairman of the Assembly's Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife.

These are both safe choices, but we like the tremendous energy and enthusiasm that Zlotnick, a Palo Alto native, clearly has for water policy and would to see him get a chance to serve on the water board.

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