Publication Date: Friday May 24, 1996


GET JUICED UP . . . When Mike Wallau opened his Mike's Cafe Etc. in Midtown a little over a year ago, he said he hoped his restaurant would help revitalize the troubled retail area along Middlefield Road. Now, it seems he's actually feeding off his own success. Feeding Midtown, that is. The mini-mogul of Middlefield is getting ready for the grand opening of his Jamm'n Juice Bar at 2717 Middlefield Road, just across the street from his restaurant. Go by this Saturday, May 25, and enjoy some free samples. There will be fun stuff for the kids, including clowns and face-painting. Wallau says the family fun should start at about 10 a.m. After a few weeks, look for the juice bar to start serving salads and soups in addition to its fresh juices and smoothies. (You get one guess which restaurant will be providing the eats.)

TASTE THE DIFFERENCE . . . Once upon a time, ordering a cuppa joe meant a you got a mug of whatever pallid brew they were serving that day--and you were happy to get it. No French roasted this. No gourmet that. You stirred in your Cremora, and your gulped away. As we all know, though, our coffee standards have gone up a bit over the last few years. Now, even places we've always thought served a pretty decent cup are upgrading even more. St. Michael's Alley, for example, has been running ads saying, "There's been talk around town that our coffee wasn't up to Palo Alto's high standards, so . . . we got new coffee that exceeds the standard." Stop by and try their new Seattle's Best brand and judge for yourself. Also, note that St. Mike's is now serving dinner Tuesday through Saturday nights.

DRESS DOWN AT DAL BAFFO . . . On Friday and Saturday evenings through May 31, Menlo Park's Dal Baffo is extending a special welcome to dressed-down diners. (Only for two dinner seatings in the Siena room, that is. Otherwise, you'll probably want to don that jacket and tie before setting foot on the restaurant's plush carpeting.) And if you do get a place in the Siena room, you'll even get 20 percent off your check. It's all part of the restaurant's 20th anniversary celebration. Dinner seatings in the newly redecorated room are at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. For reservations, call 325-1588.

FREE FOOD! . . . Here's one way to beat the high cost of dining out with the whole family: With each adult purchase of $4 or more at Taxi's, kids 12 and under get their own meal for free. This offer is good through the end of May at the downtown Palo Alto location only. You can hail your meal at 403 University Ave.

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