Publication Date: Friday Aug 8, 1997


On Megan's Law:

Publication Date: Friday Aug 8, 1997

On Megan's Law:

Don't print names

I agree with your decision not to publish the names of sex offenders living in our area (Our Town, July 30). The ACLU is monitoring the disclosure of the culprits' names because, as for the execution of innocent people, the wrong names might be listed. The implementation of Megan's Law might bring out some vigilantes. . . It is evident that if we had a rational system of criminal justice, we would not need that law. Sex offenders should be given fixed-time sentences and treated and evaluated by competent therapists who would not let them out until they are reasonably sure that they would not be recidivists. Once out of prison, they should be watched and counseled but never made to feel like pariahs who are expected to repeat their old crimes. Christiane Cook Emerson Street, Palo Alto

Release names

I fully support releasing the names of registered sex offenders in our area. It is the responsibility of government to show who are the registered sex offenders in our area so that we can make responsible decisions regarding the health and safety of our own children. This does not violate their rights. This is good government, and this is responsible government. One possible improvement might be to also list those who are actively involved in rehabilitation programs and that names could be removed from this list after completing a voluntary and thorough rehabilitation program. Brad Allen Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park (By voice mail)

No exceptions

I support the editorial decision by the Weekly not to publish names of sex offenders, and I applaud your courage in taking that stance. I know a lot of people are semi-hysterical or hysterical about the whole issue of sex offenders, and it's because sex is so little understood in our culture. We know so little about sex, it's the whipping boy for everybody, everybody's fears come up when sex is discussed. I think that your framing the question the right way by asking, should we release the names of arsonists and other violent criminals, and of course in a free society we don't do that. We should definitely not make an exception just because the crime has some sort of sexual element to it. Bravo. Dr. Janice Epp Waverely Street, Palo Alto (By voice mail) On Sand Hill Road:

Publication Date: Friday Aug 8, 1997

On Sand Hill Road:

Take it elsewhere

So the Sand Hill Road project is derailed yet again by the obstructionists in Menlo Park. As a long-term resident of Stanford I have been inconvenienced for decades by the inane bottleneck on Sand Hill Road, as have thousands of others. If the city of Menlo Park is so concerned about automobile traffic, we can help them out by taking our cars, and our business, elsewhere. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and services in Palo Alto and elsewhere that appreciate our patronage. I will not spend a dime in Menlo Park until the Sand Hill Road project is completed, and suggest that all residents of Palo Alto and Stanford do the same. Paul F. Basch Cottrell Way Stanford pbasch@leland.Stanford.EDU On other subjects:

Publication Date: Friday Aug 8, 1997

On other subjects:

Orphans no more

Horray for wildlife rescue. Hats off to Ms. Ellie Vanderborsch for her wonderful work in the rescue of orphaned raccoons. As one who knows these charming, bright creatures whose habitats have been overrun, I appreciate her dedication in giving them a second chance. To those who would selfishly deny them a life and a chance to exist, I regret their selfishness. And yes, they are very welcome in my yard where they provide many hours of enjoyment and co exist in peace with my other pets. Alice Schenk Portola Valley

Working toward solutions

The Palo Alto Police Department needs larger quarters. Palo Alto needs a downtown branch library, plus community meeting rooms. Palo Alto needs to save the 300 Homer St. building, the original Palo Alto Building. Can these needs work together for a solution? Although a wonderful building, the Downtown Library is on an under-utilized site. Its location would be ideal for a new police headquarters. Palo Alto could think ahead to acquiring and restoring the 300 Homer building. By making it the site of the new Downtown Library and community building, we'd save a lovely old building and create a heart for the University South and SOFA districts. Elsbeth Newfield Byron Street, Palo Alto

Excellent journalism

Just wanted to convey our very enthusiastic feedback about Sara Selis' article on Page Mill Court (Weekly, July 30). She crafted a very fine story that brought out the essence of the project. And I happily can say that I didn't find any errors of fact or any other glitches. Thanks so much for the time and energy put into making it an excellent piece of journalism. Janet Stone Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition

One small step

Perhaps the Palo Alto officials whose policy is to exclude non-residents from Foothill Park should be following developments in Greenwich, Conn. It seems that they also have an exclusive park and a lawyer from a neighboring town is suing the city over not being allowed in. It is covered in the Washington Post of Monday, Aug. 4. As someone who thinks this policy is wrong on its face, I hope the lawyer succeeds. If he does, I will be seeking a similar action against Palo Alto if I can gather enough support. Success will be one small step in the direction of a real community rather than the facade that is allowed to exist in Palo Alto now. David Boyce Waverley Street, Menlo Park

Solution found

I have a simple solution for Steve Jobs's (Weekly, July 30) problem (not the problem with Apple, the problem with the house next door). He should promise to return the property to its original 1927 condition. Scott Carr Lincoln Avenue Palo Alto

Update needed

Please, please, give us an update on the six boys who murdered Bert Kay. It is so frustrating when we hear of something terrible like this so close to home and then we (the public) seem to lose interest. Remember, we still have his widow and small children in our area. I think we should be kept updated on the situation on the boys who did this and what the consequences will be for them. Stephanie Zimmerman Curtner Avenue, Palo Alto (By voice mail) 

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