Whats Cooking
Publication Date: Wednesday Jun 17, 1998

Whats Cooking

@credit:Clayton Stalter

Where: Arastradero Road, Palo Alto

What: Children fronm the Whistle Stop child care center watch the beginning of the demolition of old Palo Alto Veterans Hospital.

Who: DJM/Reza, based in Cerritos, Calif., are the general contractors.

Project: Crews are tearing down the former main hospital, built in 1960 and rendered unsafe after the 1989 earthquake. The old building has been replaced by a new Veterans Affairs hospital building, which opened in 1997. Crews are also restoring the sites where 200 temporary buildings were located, making improvements to the main entrance and Miranda Avenue, replacing the old building with a large parking lot, and adding landscaping.

When: June 9 through the end of 1998

Cost: $14 million

@id:--Elizabeth Lorenz 

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