Loitering ordinance on shelf for now

Publication Date: Wednesday Jun 17, 1998

ATHERTON: Loitering ordinance on shelf for now

Town backs away from giving final approval to proposed ban

Public opinion has halted what late last month appeared to be a sure bet for Atherton's law books: a loitering ordinance that would have allowed Atherton police to ticket anyone under the age of 18 seen on the streets while school is in session.

At its May 28 meeting, the Atherton City Council accepted the ordinance unanimously--and with no comment from the public. But after numerous calls from unhappy parents, Police Chief Steve Cader said he has asked that the ordinance be pulled from the council's agenda tonight, June 17, when it was expected to be given final approval.

"We felt it was more prudent just to give it some time," Cader said. "We wanted the ordinance to augment what the schools were doing. But it needs more work."

Mayor Malcolm Dudley said he too had received several calls from parents, and agreed to pull it from the agenda. "I think it's a good decision on Chief Cader's part. In view of the amount of concerns, I think the council wouldn't have passed the ordinance anyway."

Karen Canty, co-president of the Menlo-Atherton High School PTA, said she was pleased by the decision to cancel the ordinance vote. "It's nice to know that the police will respond to public concern."1 n

--Jennifer Desai 

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