Palo Alto City Council

Publication Date: Wednesday Apr 8, 1998

Palo Alto City Council

Monday, April 6

Human Relations Commission: Voted 8-0 (Kniss not participating) to reappoint Wynn Hausser and Litsie Indergand.

Golf course: Voted 9-0 to allocate an additional $250,000 toward the golf course improvement project.

Public works: Voted 9-0 to allocate an additional $75,000 to the capital improvement program for removal of underground fuel storage tanks at fire stations 2, 4 and 5 and the golf course.

South of Forest Avenue: Voted 6-0 (Huber, Mossar and Ojakian not participating) to continue a preliminary discussion of the coordinated area plan for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation clinic site at its meeting April 13.

Upcoming Agendas

Monday, April 13: Approval of funding for San Francisquito Creek Coordinated Resource Management and Planning Group (CRMP); Recommendation on creation of a library advisory group.

Monday, April 20: State of the city address to be given at the Palo Alto Cultural Center. 

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