Police arrest fugitive rape suspect

Publication Date: Wednesday Apr 8, 1998

CRIME: Police arrest fugitive rape suspect

Suspect's father also arrested for harboring his son

An 18-year-old Palo Alto man wanted since January in connection with the alleged gang-rape of a teenage girl was arrested Sunday after a police surveillance operation of his father's home, police said.

There was a $1 million warrant for the arrest of Peter Herndon, who had been on the run from police since the alleged attack took place at a party in South Palo Alto on Jan. 17.

Det. Lori Kratzer said that Herndon, a former Palo Alto High School student, was arrested without incident around 12:30 p.m. Sunday in a Redwood City parking lot after police trailed Herndon's father from his Palo Alto home. Herndon's father was observed waiting in his car in the 200 block of Poplar Avenue in Redwood City, Kratzer said. A second car pulled up, then Herndon got out and got into his father's car, Kratzer said.

Herndon's father, also named Peter Herndon, was arrested along with his son and charged with harboring a fugitive, Kratzer said. Father and son were both booked into the Santa Clara County main jail in San Jose, where they were in custody Monday, according to Kratzer.

Herndon's grandfather, John Herndon, said that he had not had a chance to speak to his son or grandson since their arrest. He said that he had had no contact with his grandson for three months, and had no idea where he had been. His grandson was carrying a small backpack when he was arrested, Kratzer said.

Four other suspects were arrested in January in connection with the incident, Kratzer said, including three teenagers and one adult, Shaun Harris, 23, of East Palo Alto, who is being held on $100,000 bail.

Herndon's arraignment was scheduled for Monday afternoon.

--Vicky Anning 

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