Around Town
Publication Date: Wednesday Oct 30, 1996

Around Town

KID MOVIE . . .Part of a national child-safety video is scheduled to be shot at a home at 1025 Harker St., Palo Alto, on Nov. 1. "Milk Cartons: The Way Back Home" is a new multimedia video that addresses the nationwide problem of child abductions. The all-star cast includes Taran Noah of "Home Improvement," Erin Gray of "Silver Spoons," and Bryton McClure of "Family Matters." For the project, country music superstar Vince Gill is re-recording his single about child abduction, "The Way Back Home." The film, which was also shot in San Jose, uses hi-tech animation and an engaging storyline to present practical examples of how kids can keep themselves safe from being abducted by strangers. The video was produced with the cooperation of the San Jose Police Department. Once finished, it will be shown on national television, as well as distributed nationwide to elementary schools and children's organizations.

RIBBONS FOR THE KIDS . . . In case you weren't aware of it, this is the last day of Red Ribbon Week, originally so designated in 1985 after a federal drug agent was shot to death during a drug raid. The national campaign focuses on teaching school children the harm of drugs and alcohol. But over the years, mainly because of school budget cuts, school districts have done less and less to observe the week other than pass resolutions, which the Palo Alto school board did last week. This year, Addison parent Bonita Schneider tried to change that. She got the fifth graders at Addison to do a rap for a public service announcement to be aired on Cable Co-op. The kids' performance was taped live at the Palo Alto school board meeting last week. "Wake up people and you can be a part . . ." the kids urge. "Just use your imagination for this drug free rule." Schneider also planned and publicized a talk by Diana Paladini, the director of the substance abuse program for Adolescent Counseling Services, but only seven parents showed up.

OFF TO SOUTH AFRICA . . . Children's Librarian Katy Obringer is heading to South Africa Saturday to meet with other librarians and children's literature specialists. Fifty-two delegates from the United States have been invited on the trip, sponsored by the American Library Association and the Citizen Ambassador Program of People to People. The head of the Palo Alto Children's Library leaves Nov. 2 and will return Nov. 16.

NAMES AND NOTES . . . The University Rotary Club of Palo Alto has donated $30,500 to three local youth programs: $15,000 for Plugged In, which provides computer access and classes to East Palo Alto kids; $10,500 to the city of Palo Alto's "After School Outlet Program"; and $5,000 to the Mid-Peninsula YMCA's East Palo Alto aquatics program.

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