No Council support yet for measure
Publication Date: Wednesday Oct 30, 1996

EAST PALO ALTO: No Council support yet for measure

East Palo Alto City Council to vote on school bond one day before election

by Don Kazak

With less than a week before the election, the East Palo Alto City Council has yet to take a position on a $6 million bond measure to help East Palo Alto's schools. But the City Council has one more chance to support the measure--one day before the Nov. 5 election.

The City Council is scheduled to consider a vote next Monday night in support of Measure U, the Ravenswood City School District bond measure on the ballot. The council considered a vote of support at its meeting Oct. 21, but ended up deferring its decision.

"There was some confusion about what exactly the money will be used for," said Vice Mayor Sharifa Wilson. Unfortunately, Wilson said there was no one from the school board at the council meeting who could answer the council members' questions. "We didn't have enough information to move forward," she said.

The council is now facing the prospect of taking a vote the night of Nov. 4 to recommend to city voters that they go to the polls the next day and pass Measure U.

"It was unfortunate we didn't have all the information," Wilson said.

Ravenswood School Board President Bomani Siwatu said that "it is a little bit strange" that the city didn't act to support the school district's bond measure. "The school board endorsed every one of their bond measures in the past," he added.

Measure U would raise $6 million for physical repairs to the district's schools. (For story on bond measure see page XXX) That would also include electrical work to give students more access to computers. "Our buildings were built before the computer age," Siwatu said.

Is there any doubt some of the school buildings need repairs? "You can look at the schools and say yes, they need money," Siwatu said.

"It was unfortunate we didn't have all the information."

--Vice Mayor Sharifa Wilson

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