News Digest
Publication Date: Friday May 24, 1996

News Digest

Stanford University is considering whether to include a student's grade-point average on his or her transcript. Stanford is one of a relative few universities that doesn't automatically include the GPA on transcripts now, or even calculate them for students. But there are reasons why the averages need to be calculated--for federal loans and scholarships--and the university is considering whether to put the GPAs on all transcripts, make it optional at the student's choice, or to calculate them but leave them off the actual transcripts and available via computer.

San Mateo County officials this week rejected a plan to bill East Palo Alto residents for their water use on their property tax bills. Several residents told the City Council Monday night that they preferred monthly or bi-monthly billings, and the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors agreed at its Tuesday meeting. County Public Works Director Neil Cullen said he will return to the board in June with a bi-monthly billing plan. Water rates for the city, the lowest in the county now, will increase by about 7 to 10 percent, with the final rate still to be determined.

Stanford got some bad budget news from the federal government recently. Sons and daughters of Stanford employees currently get as much as half of their tuition paid through a benefits pool, one-third of which is provided by the government. But beginning Sept. 1, 1999, the government will no longer contribute to that benefits pool, forcing the university to find alternate sources of funding or else reduce the benefits.

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