Whats Cooking
Publication Date: Wednesday Sep 20, 1995

Whats Cooking

@credit:Margaret Kaye

Where: St. Bedes Church 2650 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park.

What: Construction of a new Great Hall, school library and administration wing.

Who: The project was designed by Bull, Stockwell, Allen and Ripley architects. It is being built by Steed construction of San Jose and managed by Senior Warden Jack Reynolds.

Project: A new Great Hall is being built complete with kichen and a raised platform. The K-5 school is getting a new library and and administration wing.

When: Expected to be completed early in 1996.

Impact: The construction is not expected to have any significant impact on the surrounding area. St. Bedes already owns the land and it is believed there already exists sufficient parking.

Cost: The $1.2 million dollar project is being paid for by St. Bedes. @id:--Kevin Moore 

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