Whats Cooking
Publication Date: Wednesday May 31, 1995

Whats Cooking

@credit:Margaret Kaye

Where: 2160 Santa Cruz Ave., Menlo Park

What: Pacific Hill, a housing project which includes 26 condominiums on six-tenths of an acre

Who: Pacific Peninsula Group, developer

Project: To provide market-rate housing in accordance with a new R-4 zoning which permits 40 units per acre. Two of the 26 condominiums, one- and two-bedroom homes, will be sold at below-market rates, which range from $189,000 to $360,000.

When: To be completed in August

Impact: People who are renting and looking to buy in the area have an opportunity to do so. It is the first project in Menlo Park built under the R-4 zoning. "Once it is done it can be a living example of how an R-4 project looks and functions," said Menlo Park senior planner Ken Clark.

Cost: $3 million @id:--Verena Hess 

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