Sit up and take notice
Publication Date: Wednesday May 31, 1995

Sit up and take notice

BACKS ON TRACK . . . The increasing stress of everyday life sometimes shows up in our lower backs. Two local stores help customers find ways to relieve back and neck pain, joint pain, even carpal tunnel pain. Relax the Back, 1198 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, offers products that can be used at home, in your office and even in your car to help put your back in "neutral"; office chairs, orthopedic pillows, car seats and sleep aids. Bleacher bums will like "Sacro-Ease" a special supportive stadium seat that can be adjusted to fit your back. According to store owner Wayne Sheldon, "Sacro-Ease" will soon be available in Cardinal red. The One Stop Back Shop at 150 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto, specializes in portable back supports, portable hot or cold therapy items and other hard-to-find orthopedic soft products, according to owner Greg Lawson.

FOR CHANGING TIMES . . . Diaper-changing facilities are becoming a standard fixture in public restrooms, usually the women's room. But at Stanford Shopping Center you can find changing tables in both a men's and a women's public restroom. These restrooms are located in the Inner Circle courtyard between Talbot's and the Ralph Lauren Store. Take the elevator to the second floor. Changing tables are also located in men's and women's restrooms inside Macy's. Neiman-Marcus has a changing room separate from the restrooms. Even babies are equal-opportunity employers.

BETTER THAN INTERNET . . . You can catch up on the local news in Hawaii, Florida or Argentina with a quick trip to Printers Inc. Book Store, 310 California Ave., Palo Alto. Printers Inc. carries Sunday newspapers from around the country and around the world. Find out who was crowned Portland's Rose Festival Queen in the Oregonian. Does the Corriere della Sera have a good crossword puzzle . . . in Italian? Practice your Danish or Portuguese with De Telegraf from Denmark or O Globo from Brazil. Most international Sunday newspapers arrive at Printers Inc. by Tuesday. The Internet may be faster, but it's difficult to read a computer screen on a hammock, on a train or by the pool.

DO NOT PASS GO . . . Do not go to any kind of birthday party, for any age, without shopping for a present at Learningsmith: A General Store for the Curious Mind at Stanford Shopping Center. One-third of the store is dedicated to computer software, CD-ROMs and computer-related books. The rest of the store is a wonderful mix of books, toys, kits, games and puzzles for all ages. Build your own constellations with a Glow-In-The-Dark Creativity Kit containing 150 stick-on stars and constellation charts. Create a miniature Japanese rock garden with a Zen Gardening Kit, complete with a tiny wooden gravel rake. Test yourself with "Who Said That," a quiz jigsaw puzzle. You have to match the famous quote with the portrait of the famous "quot-ee." Contains 504 "large diabolical pieces." A poster with all the answers is included. Good luck.

--Dona van Bronkhorst

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