Atherton man to plead guilty to charges
Publication Date: Friday Jun 23, 1995

POLICE: Atherton man to plead guilty to charges

Real estate agent is charged with owning illegal firearms

An Atherton real estate agent with a penchant for guns will plead guilty to federal weapons charges, his attorney said last week.

Craig Duling, 44, was arrested last month and charged with possession of 90 weapons, including machine guns and assault rifles, and 10,000 rounds of ammunition, along with incendiary shells, an unlicensed silencer and components for manufacturing hand grenades.

Duling, a former Cornish & Carey agent, also faces charges because he was convicted in 1986 for possession of a machine gun, and convicted felons are not allowed to own any guns.

Hugh Levine, Duling's attorney, said Duling will now plead guilty to the various charges he faces and hope for leniency from the court. "Basically, there's no defense we can present to the charges," Levine said.

Levine said the next court date will probably be set in July.

The decision to plead guilty was made after federal Judge Thelton Harrison ruled last Thursday that Duling could not be released on bail before a trial and was sharply critical of him. Henderson commented in his written ruling that the guns and explosive material seized from Duling's home were the kind associated with right-wing militias.

Henderson wrote: "If (Duling) is so reckless as to shoot guns in the dark in a residential neighborhood, so brazen as to flout the conditions of his probation, so rash as to store dangerous explosives in his garage and so wedded to firearms as to risk everything to acquire and own them, the Court cannot in good conscience find that he poses no danger to the community."

--Don Kazak

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