La Cumbre club is forced to close
Publication Date: Wednesday Jul 27, 1994

COMMUNITY: La Cumbre club is forced to close

Judge lets stand city's decision to shut club down

For residents of the Barron Park and Ventura neighborhoods in Palo Alto, it's been a long time coming. The La Cumbre nightclub closed its doors last Friday night.

For more than a year, residents who live near the popular nightclub have complained about late-night disturbances caused by the club's patrons, with police recording 82 disturbances or calls for service at the address in little over a year.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Peter Stone last week let stand a decision by the City Council to revoke the club's use permit, forcing it to close. Owners of the nightclub have filed suit against the city.

"It's quite a relief, frankly," said Will Beckett, president of the Barron Park Association, of the club's closure. "What's amazing to me is the length of time this takes, considering the safety hazards."

Residents complained about club patrons partying outside the club, and police reported that they often had to ask for assistance from other cities to quell fights that spilled out onto El Camino Real.

--Don Kazak

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