Beverly Hills Cop III * 1/2 (Century 10, UA 6) Most of the gunfights and chase scenes in this tired threequel careen through an amusement park called WonderWorld (several scenes were filmed just down the road at Santa Clara's Great America), but this incarnation of the decade-old original is no thrill ride. It's about as exciting as a broken merry-go-round. Eddie Murphy reprises his role as Detroit police officer Axel Foley, who heads back to SoCal to avenge the shooting death of his boss. He encounters your basic, boring counterfeit ring, your basic bad guys and your basic shootouts and car chases. The whole package is less inspired than your basic TV cop show. Bronson Pinchot makes a funny reappearance as Serge, a gallery-owner-turned-arms-dealer, one of few humorous highlights in this dull, formulaic, predictable action flick. Rated R. --Monica Hayde

Maverick * (Century 10, Century 12) The television show offered viewers the pleasure of watching scoundrels being deceived. The movie version is about deception as well, but this time the folks being cheated are all in the audience. Lacking a shred of dramatic integrity, "Maverick" continuously sacrifices plot and character for cheap, gratuitous gags--the kind that appeal to adolescent males with room-temperature IQs. Who else thinks it's funny to see a character who can't fight or shoot break out of character and begin to do so? Who else thinks it's witty to hear Indians curse and complain in the vernacular of teen-agers? Who else could Hollywood have had in mind when it turned out this lowbrow version of a "Lethal Weapon" movie? Rated PG. --Leonard Schwarz