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May 18, 2005

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Palo Alto Online

Publication Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Streetwise Streetwise (May 18, 2005)

What is your opinion of the egg sculpture in Lytton Plaza?
Question and interviews by Carol Palinkas. Photographs by Tomomi Tsuda. Asked at Lytton Plaza.

Annie Weder
Los Altos

"This is the most disgusting thing on the face of the planet. They spent all this money; they just planted it there. They could have put that money into art for our schools, and they put it here instead for the benefit of people from San Francisco."

Dennis "Galen" Mitrzyk
Activist, writer, musician
Maclane Street

"It's not as bad as I imagined it could be. I'm glad it's not bigger. I understand the original was destroyed in a fire. Sometimes it's good to see what fate is hinting at."

Claudia Carvalho
California Avenue

"This is so cool; very nice. This is the world."

Camille Diges
Post doctoral student
Latham Street, Mountain View

"I love it. I love how the Chinese characters are worked into it."

Ben Gryn
Social Security worker
Redwood City

"I'm seeing it for the first time. I think it's nice."

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