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April 08, 2005

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Publication Date: Friday, April 08, 2005

Building Permits Building Permits (April 08, 2005)

Menlo Park

740 San Mateo Drive A. Kugushev, furnace change, $2,077
350 Barton Way C. Birkeland, electrical service upgrade, $1,800
360 Olive St. R. Dye, addition and remodel, $500,000
1330 University Drive B. Haritan, kitchen and bath remodel, $45,000
350 Sherwood Way M. Freeland, chimney retrofit for seismic upgrade, $2,400
354 Encinal Ave. J. Geddes, addition and remodel, $160,000
2446 Sharon Oaks Drive R. Freeman, deck repair, $4,200
760 Harvard Ave. J. Hewlett, water heater, $672
Palo Alto

3149 Morris Drive J. Ling, family room extension and new bathroom and porch, $64,532
4006 Ben Lomond T. Foy, bathroom remodel, $32,000
1410 Dana Ave. S. Young & H. Park, interior remodel, $129,284
2371 Tasso St. M. & S. Fricluss, kitchen remodel, $41,000
633 Lytton Ave. H. Hoa, interior remodel and re-roof, $43,236
2441 Cowper St. L. & M. Herte, bathroom remodel, $1,800
720 Lincoln Ave. M. Crady, new lights and replace furnace and windows, $6,000
471 Emerson St. H. Crittenden, demolish partition walls, $7,500
783 Clara Drive Pendelton, interior repairs, $3,000
645 Center Drive W. & M. Abrams, new windows and lighting and two new interior walls, $10,000
1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett-Packard, install new building hood, $12,000
456 West Charleston Road A. & P. Romiszewski, patio remodel, $500
1730 Embarcadero Road C. Audi, office remodel, $28,543
3333 Coyote Hill Road Palo Alto Research Center, Inc., new hot water boiler and pump, $60,000
212 Heather Lane C. Xu, new interior wall, $7,000
315 Fernando Ave. Y. Fu, new detached garage, $5,488
1596 Hamilton Ave. M. & T. McQuinn, remodel shed, $5,000
180 El Camino Real interior demolition, $n/a
100 Hamilton Ave., lower level Stanford Square Management, remodel exercise room, $15,000
3000 El Camino Real, building 4, first floor Equity Office Partners, new interior wall, $15,000
1001 Forest Ave. R. Patton, replace carport with garage, $17,545
1550 Walnut Drive Parsons/Collins, new bathroom and living room and bathroom and kitchen remodel, $257,749
367 Addison Ave. Hewlett-Packard Company, historic rehabilitation of residence, $900,000
807 Oregon Ave. A. & M. Anderson, kitchen and family room remodel and new laundry room in garage, $35,000
251 Lytton Ave. King Asset Management, electrical improvements, $70,000
4280 Manuela Ave. T. Booth, replace water damage, $4,366
1844 Hamilton Ave. J. Jarrett, remodel and addition, $60,860
825 Channing R&M Properties, new detached garage, $47,711
911 Hansen Way Varian Medical Systems, office conversion, $150,000
343 Kellogg T. Glaves, convert porch into habitable space, $54,928; return garage to original state, $5,443
3477 Thomas Drive J. Schink, addition, $45,157
306 Fulton K. Hajikhani, convert duplex to single family, $11,672
1920 Park Blvd. J. Black, new home, $1,068,173
780 Rosewood Drive C. Hsu, new home, $1,076,543
3120 Hansen Way Varian Inc, remodel office, $280,000
3000 El Camino Real Equity Office, remodel office, $478,744
1450 Page Mill Road Stanford University, loading dock modification, $400,000
2400 Geng Road Equity Office, tenant improvement, $459,293
825 Channing R&M Properties, major remodel and addition, $294,979
822 Mesa Court J. Hegenhausen, kitchen addition and remodel, $250,000
1158 Cedar Ave. L. Courts, addition of garage, basement and bedroom, $350,000
231 Stanford Ave. B. Luehrs, new garage and addition, $274,728
3352 Kipling St. D. Elliot, bathroom remodel, $4,184
3373 Hillview Stanford Management Co, demolition of interiors, $n/a
777 San Antonio Road J. Hermle, kitchen remodel, $7,000
450 Santa Rita Ave. N. Goodspeed, remodel kitchen and mudroom, $65,000

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