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March 09, 2005

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Palo Alto Online

Publication Date: Wednesday, March 09, 2005

StreetWise StreetWise (March 09, 2005)

What do you think should be done about Social Security?
Question and interviews by Carol Palinkas. Photographs by Kevin Hagen. Asked at Avenidas senior center.

Frances Riley
Berkeley Avenue, Menlo Park

"I think we should use FDR as our mentor and leave things just the way they are."

Clifford Stock
Retired engineer
Cowper Street, Palo Alto

"I think we should give it (President Bush's privatization plan) consideration and not assume that it's bad. It needs a lot of debate and discussion before jumping to conclusions."
Tom Barry
Retired teacher
Charleston Road, Palo Alto

"I like it's the way it is. It's very popular and I don't think it needs fixing."

Mary Ruth Batchelder
Site manager for La Comida senior nutrition program
Redwood City

"I have mixed feelings on that one. I don't think Bush is necessarily correct. I don't think Social Security should be privatized. I think there are other solutions."

Oswald Thompson
Retired Veterans Administration worker
Ross Court, Palo Alto

"I'm at the age where I'm concerned about Social Security, not necessarily for me but for my children and grandchildren. I remember when Roosevelt started Social Security, and I've participated since I was 16 years old. I have no qualms about what's happening right now, but Social Security money is being spent on other things and should stay in Social Security."

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