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February 23, 2005

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Palo Alto Online

Publication Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2005

StreetWise StreetWise (February 23, 2005)

How do you think the city should get rid of our trash?
Question and interviews by Jamie Schuman and Carol Palinkas. Photographs by Kevin Hagen. Asked at the Stanford Shopping Center.

Vincent Kong
Retired civil engineer

"It would be a good idea to work with some other city, so they could take care of the trash not just for one city."

Shawn Laari
Senior staff at Epilepsy Society
British Columbia, Vancouver

"If you can get a bottle and can return system like what we put into Vancouver three or four years ago, it could do a lot to reduce landfill use. Equally important is giving people on the street some self-sufficiency. Also, a lot of people compost in Vancouver."

Vincent Pando
Retired locomotive engineer

"You're talking to someone who actually teaches recycling. ... You've got your Smith Hawkins (composting) box down there in San Mateo, because they're trying to get people to get more involved in doing that wet garbage recycling -- leaves, cuttings and vegetable matter. You can cook up the thing pretty quick if you're constantly mixing it."

Leana G. Valinoti
Attorney and teacher

"In San Mateo, they turned their landfill land into parklands. Certainly, the people of Palo Alto could come up with an idea for something similar. I don't see why it would necessarily conflict with parks and recreation areas."

Dante Smith
Retail salesman
East Palo Alto

"The recycling for one area should all be in one area. Palo Alto, Menlo Park ... it should all be together. It makes things less complicated to have it all in one area."

Paula Hamaoui

"They probably should have their own [plant]. If each city is going to send their garbage somewhere else, it's not fair for other towns."

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