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November 24, 2004

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Palo Alto Online

Publication Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2004

StreetWise StreetWise (November 24, 2004)

What was your most memorable Thanksgiving?
Question and interviews by Tony Burchyns. Photographs by Naomi Brookner. Asked on California Avenue in Palo Alto.

Dale Beliveau
Adobe Wells, Sunnyvale

"When I was 9 or 10, it snowed; we were in Vegas. My old man would take his pick-up and a tow rope and tow everyone around on sleds. I was the last person on the line - the hanger - and I had the fastest sled. Boy, when he'd get into those big open spaces, you'd have to hold on."

Gregg Forrest
Owner of the Bike Connection
Wellesley Street, Palo Alto

"I would say any time the family gets together. It always ends in a fight. We love politics. You get 20 people together, and someone always goes home early."

Mary Prisco

"It was one where I cooked with a friend. We tried all these new dishes, and we were joking and having fun. We both enjoy a fun presentation."

Debbie Mann
Hotel housekeeper
San Antonio Road, Palo Alto

"It was some years back; the last Thanksgiving I had with my grandmother. It was in Reno with my mother and my brother. She (my grandmother) was telling us about our family tree - she told us that one of our ancestors was a pirate."

John Christopher
Financial analyst
Ash Street, Palo Alto

"I went to the Thanksgiving parade in Houston when I was a kid, and I got interviewed by the Houston Chronicle. I was walking by, and they pulled me out of the crowd."

Joni Okamota
Van Auken Circle, Palo Alto

"The one time I roasted a turkey, three years ago. I dropped it - but before I cooked it - so no one knew."

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