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September 08, 2004

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Palo Alto Online

Publication Date: Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Letters Letters (September 08, 2004)

'Hecka nasty' lunches


While the editorial on "Healthful Lunches" (Weekly, Sept. 1) was insightful and informative, it failed to clarify one very important point. There is nothing in the newly adopted Palo Alto School District Nutrition Policy that ensures any changes or results to the current school lunch program that "stick."

The policy goes little further than restating current legislation and does not address the quality of food served to our children. For more than three years, the Healthy School Lunch Committee has been working to get fresh and appealing food into the school lunch program, not just removing the junk food.

The fact that an abysmal 13 percent of our students buy lunch at school, and in fact only 7 percent when you take out free and reduced-fee lunches, is reason enough to ask why our kids often describe the food as "hecka nasty."

While the passing of the school-nutrition policy by the board is a step in the right direction, it is important that we do not lose sight of our goal of ensuring that our kids have access to healthy, fresh and appealing food while in school. By offering appealing food, we will increase the percentage of students who buy school lunches and hence ensure that the school food-service program does not remain in the red.

A newly formed superintendent's committee will make recommendations to the board regarding the possibility of changing vendors or hiring a food service director. These meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates and times can be found on the Web site:
Penny Gertridge
Co-Chair, Healthy School Lunch Committee
Ames Avenue
Palo Alto

Antonio's Noise House?


We are in contact with a resident of the condos situated behind Antonio's Nuthouse on California Avenue and are advised about the situation there. Weekly readers might be interested in the latest news since the City Council approved the new use permit for the bar.

Even before the issue came before the council, those who could move out of the condos facing Antonio's did so because of the noise. People are still trying to move out because of the noise. A new occupant of one of the condo units facing Antonio's is already complaining to his neighbors about the noise.

The late-night noise six days a week has not ceased. The closing of the Edge has not made a difference; the noise is from patrons of Antonio's.

People living in units facing Antonio's are still losing sleep. The parking lot behind Antonio's is the problem, still. And the City Council has not succeeded in protecting these residents.

New people move in and face the same situation. This has gone on for years and continues. A vicious cycle continues indefinitely because of a situation that the city won't control.
Natalie Fisher
Ellsworth Place
Palo Alto

People vs. party


My experience in observing candidates who claim to be moderate and independent Republicans is that as soon as they get into office their loyalties switch to the party and not to the people they are representing.

If Steve Poizner is so moderate, why did he contribute money to George Bush's campaign? Let's take a look at Governor Schwarzenegger -- like Poizner, he funded his own campaign, saying he owes nothing to special interests. Look what happened when he got into office -- he has raised, in this short time, more money than Gray Davis did while he was in office.

Guess who is giving the governor money -- rich corporations, rich people, etc. Look how he behaved while working on the budget -- only the Democrats had to compromise on social programs; the Republicans got their way in not raising one single tax on the wealthy.

Let's keep up the quality of elected officials to Sacramento from the 21st District, such as Joe Simitian, Byron Sher and Ted Lempert. Ira Ruskin has proved himself again and again as a man representing his community. His record as Redwood City councilman and mayor has proven his capabilities.

He established a budget reserve for Redwood City; he is a friend to women and the environment, and most importantly to all of the people in the district.

Please do not be fooled by mere promises. Look at the records of the candidates and vote for the candidate who represents the people in his community.
Lorri Holzberg
Sharon Road
Menlo Park

Smear campaign


George Bush is at it again -- his allies tried to smear John McCain's military service four years ago and now they are funding a front group to try to do the same against John Kerry.

The people in this group are proven liars. Official U.S. Navy documents prove their attacks completely false. Newspapers across the country have documented the attacks against McCain as smears and untrue distortions, and the front group making the attacks is funded by Bush donors and longtime Republican donors.

McCain denounced the attacks on Kerry as "dishonest and dishonorable" and called on President Bush to denounce them. Instead of standing up and denouncing the ads, Bush is hiding because he wants his front group to do his dirty work, just like they did against McCain.
Alex Kaplinsky
Santa Rita Avenue
Palo Alto

'Terminator' tall tales?


I was completely blown away with our new governor's speech at the Republican National Convention this week. Why? Because he was such a liar.

He stated that he came to this country as a skinny, penniless boy. The truth is he came as a grown adult, having won five "Mr. World" bodybuilding competitions with hefty cash prizes. His prizes were not as much as he's worth now, but he sure wasn't a skinny poor kid from Austria.

He stated that President Bush "inherited" the current economic mess. The truth is President Clinton left office in 1999 with a great surplus, a balanced budget and more jobs than could be filled by Americans (without endangering our environment). Our current economic crisis was created in March 2001 -- this is the Bush Administration's mess and no one else's.

Is this governor, like so many other politicians, not going to be accountable for his lies? It is truly distressing that the media doesn't bother to print the facts about what Mr. Bush inherited from the Clinton Administration.

Let's hope that our "Terminator" governor doesn't get the opportunity to run for higher offices. And that means that we all have to be aware that a certain constitutional amendment never comes to fruition.
Donnasue Jacobi
Haight Street
Menlo Park

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