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March 03, 2004

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Publication Date: Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Around town Around town (March 03, 2004)

REUNITED! (AND IT FEELS SO GOOD) ... In the mood for a heart-warming story? Have a listen, dear reader: After a visitor at Foothill Park found a gold wedding ring recently, Park Ranger Michelle Wagner could have stuffed the ring into a lost-and-found box, never to be returned. Instead, Wagner jumped into action, summoning her inner-Columbo. Her first clue? Two tiny first names inscribed inside the band. Wagner typed the monikers into Google, and voila! She found the two names listed on the Web site of their Palo Alto business, along with a phone number. Wagner called them up, and the ring was happily returned to the groom who absentmindedly lost it. It turns out the man had lost a good deal of weight recently, and the ring had slipped off without him noticing.
HERO RECOGNIZED ... Palo Alto Police Officer Paul Brown received the California State Attorney General's Certificate of Valor from California Attorney General Bill Lockyer last week. Brown was recognized for saving the life of an elderly man from a fire inside his Greer Road home. Brown discovered the unreported residential fire while on patrol on Jan. 21. After requesting assistance, Brown noticed a woman trying to make her way out of the house. Brown assisted her out of the burning house, but was then told that the woman's elderly father was still inside the burning building. Brown went back in and saved him as well, barely pulling him out of the home before it exploded.
LOCAL GETS FED TRAINING . . . Two members of the Palo Alto Red Cross have recently completed a six-day training session run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to respond to disasters. Stephanie Charles and Norman Berube recently completed the training course conducted at Emmitsburg, Md.
MUST NEEDS TV . . . Palo Alto Unified School District superintendent Mary Frances Callan brought the district's need for funds to television last Tuesday night. The district is facing a $4.1 million hole in its 2004-05 budget, $2.6 million of which it is in the process of determining how to cut. During the board's regular meeting Callan let viewers know they could donate to the district and where to drop off checks.
HOWLIDAY INN . . . If you want to support Alaska's wolves come check out the Howl-In at Lytton Plaza downtown on March 6 at 10 a.m. The event is to support a boycott of travel to Alaska until its state-sponsored aerial shooting of wolves is discontinued. Attendees will be invited to sign a pledge saying they won't travel to the state until the practice is stopped. Pledges will be mailed to Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski. So far more than 65,000 such cards have been mailed. For more information visit
I DO . . . Among the melee over same-sex marriages at San Francisco's City Hall in Mid-February one of Stanford University's own was helping couples say "I do." Stanford assistant dean and Director of the Asian American Activities Center, Rick Yuen, had performed marriage ceremonies for more than 100 couples by Feb. 16. One of the couples might be familiar to those close to Stanford - Yuen joined another assistant dean, Ben Davidson , and Davidson's partner, in marriage.

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