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PAUSD - US news Ranking, achievement gap, Math letter, fear of retaliation etc.

Original post made by village fool, another community, on Apr 26, 2013

The thread dealing with US news schools ranking went the VTP way. This thread was made available to those who are logged in. That stops posting, happens every time. I have asked several times - fear of retaliation was the most common answer.
Commenters continued to respond on other threads that remained open to all. Those threads Headlines do not reflect anymore the interesting direction the discussion took. I have decided to try to list the threads where the recent comments about ranking/achievement gap/mat letter/retaliation were posted.
Please note that some of the titles of the threads I linked below, do not reflect anymore the direction the recent direction comments took.

1. Analyzing ranking, achievement gap, math letter, fear of retaliation:
1.1. Web Link
1.2. Web Link

2. Concerns/questions about removed comments, locked threads:
Web Link

3. US news school ranking - Seems to me that the fact this thread was made available only to those logged in initiated the recent thread "twist": Web Link