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Killing MI is a no brainer

Original post made by Aaron, Midtown, on Jan 2, 2007

The whole MI "debate" is really sad to watch. MI supporters don't care at all about issues of equity and diversity for ALL students in our PUBLIC school system.

Their aims are 100% self-serving. They want something "special" for THEIR kids that is designed to exclude 95%. The program would erode the diversity of neighborhood schools.

MI makes sense for PRIVATE but not PUBLIC school. Don't be fooled - implementing MI itself CREATES inequities. The "open" lottery will be fair ONLY in the sense that a small group of selfish parents will jump at the chance to "gain an advantage" by removing their kids from the general population.

Yes, this group of selfish parents will all have an "equal chance" of getting their kids selected. The rest of us, however, would pass quietly on the glorious chance to have our kids abandon our neighborhood schools.

Let's see "gain advantage by removing kids from the general population"...sounds like THE selling point for private education. What's that? If we jam this down the throats of PAUSD, we can get this for FREE - what could be better?

MI supporters will not like being called selfish and will likely attack this post. Just to be clear - I am not opposed to "being selfish" - selfish behavior drives innovation and makes America great; it just has no place in the PUBLIC school system.

The Board needs to kill MI and get back to dealing with issues that serve all 100% of our kids. This is a no brainer.


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