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Original post made by Jag Singh, Duveneck/St. Francis, on Nov 1, 2006

Robert Fisk, the renowned Middle East expert working for the London Independent, accuses Israel of committing the most heinous war crimes. In addition to the saturation cluster bombing of Southern Lebanon in the last 72 hours of the war which left thousands of bomblets which are still killing innocent civilians, Israel has employed other weapons banned by international law.
Jacob Edery, the Israeli minister in charge of government-parliament relations, has now admitted, under international pressure, that Israel used phosphorus bombs, in complete contravention under the third protocol of the Geneva Conventions. Israel’s prevarication is reminiscent of its behavior in 1982 when it finally admitted using phosphorus munitions after it was confronted by the evidence of civilian bodies igniting when they were exposed to air.
Mass spectrometry tests of soil samples taken from two bomb craters in Khiam and At-Tiri, have revealed extremely elevated radiation levels suggesting a bunker-busting enriched uranium devices or a new experimental nuclear weapons – devices designed to cause agonizing pain and extreme health hazards (elevated forms of cancer) to the civilian population. Coincidently, Khiam is the site of Israeli torture prisons during its occupation of southern Lebanon between 1978 and 2000. Israel has acted in reckless abandon employing enriched uranium weapons and has even endangered its own citizens who would suffer health hazards if the winds changed direction. Khiam is only two miles from the Israeli border.


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Posted by Borat
a resident of Greenmeadow
on Nov 8, 2006 at 5:13 pm

Yagshamash. Yes, we must throw them all down the well to make glorious for benefit Iranian missle proxies. I Jag Borat.

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Posted by SkepticAl
a resident of Ventura
on Nov 9, 2006 at 9:12 pm

Anxiously awaiting your research into Arab extemism, Jag. I know you're concerned about human rights and how much death and destruction has been caused by Muslim sectarian violence and Palestinian terrorists. Now, I'm going to look in the archives to find some of your thoughtful posts about how Palestinian leaders and Arab leaders have been so corrupt and hell-bent on war that they've denied the Palestinians any chance of escaping dire circumstances to reach peaceful coexistence. Thank you for always enlightening us.