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Pac 10 Championship- what a joke

Original post made by Bob, Community Center, on Nov 28, 2011

Let me see if I can understand this. Stanford is 11-1 (lost to Oregon) in the 'Northern Division" which was won by Oregon. Oregon will play in the Pac-10 'championship' game against the winner of the Southern Division which would have been USC. But USC has NCAA sanctions and can't play because of various 'serious' infractions. So Oregon will play for the Pac-10 "championship' against UCLA which lost 50-0 to USC last Saturday!! Used to be that the Rose Bowl was the traditional West Coast prize and an honor. Personally, I think the two-division Pac 12 is not a good idea. Now there are bowl games by the dozen, and it is football overkill. It's all about money - mostly TV money - and the game has lost its focus. Kudoes to BYU where the Board of Regents recently rejected BYU going to an East Coast Conference (ridiculous on the face of it.) Regents said BYU was a western school and would be independent if necessary. It should have formed a conference with Utah, Colordo and other mountain state schools.