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I'm Back and it Feels Good

Original post made by Rebecca Sanders, Ventura, on Jun 14, 2006

Thank you Diana for addressing the ridiculous University Avenue train station. I have been there myself and the open latrine is shocking. And talk about no landscaping. People are tripping all over the uneven terrain. To me the lack of toilets is part of the larger issue of the appalling conditions of Palo Alto's public facilities. Correct me if I'm wrong somebody, but during the " bubble" didn't Mountain View update ALL/MOST of its public buildings with the increased revenue? What did Palo Alto do with its money? The train station looks positively third world and it's no way to greet people who may be visiting Palo Alto for the first time. Do we have no sense of civic pride? Our public areas especially the libraries (a hot topic I know) beautiful in their day would be great if say they were located in some of those countries where they feel lucky to have running water and electricity for 4 hours a day! But hey this is Palo Alto, where silicon first met venture capital. I would think we would be a model of modernism, not reactionism and backwardism.


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Posted by James
a resident of University South
on Jun 14, 2006 at 10:22 pm

So Diana is back. Will it be more of the same? For every positive column about Palo Alto, we will get four negtives? Will we still get the dislike (from her) for city employees? I hope not. Diana, please look at both sides of the issues and get the facts staight! Thank you.