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JLS's Abhivir Iyer wins 2nd place in the National History Bee

Original post made by member, JLS Middle School, on Dec 28, 2020

Abhivir Arvind Iyer, a JLS 8th grader, has won 2nd place in the prestigious National History Bee tournament in the middle school division this year. Abhivir will be recognized in a virtual award ceremony on December 29 hosted by the organizers. Earlier this spring, the young contender had qualified for the state National Geo Bee which was cancelled by the National Geographic Society due to Covid-19. Abhivir quickly adapted to the virtual format and continued competing despite Covid-19 challenges. This last week of 2020 caps a winning season for Abhivir, including, a 3rd place win at the National Academic Bee. All tournaments were conducted online with contestants from across the US competing in intensive regionals and play-off elimination rounds to make the nationals. Go Panthers!