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eliminate 6,000 cars from Stanford Research Park

Original post made by Steve Raney, Crescent Park, on Dec 9, 2013

For: Dec 9 City Council TDM (trip reduction) Study Session

Dear Council and Planning Commission,

Topic: Research Park TDM within a free parking context

1. Almost every US job site that provides free employee parking has SOV (single occupancy vehicle) commute mode share of 75% or higher. In the entire free-parked US, there are only five companies (with exemplary TDM programs) below 75% SOV:

Google: 52% SOV
Genentech: 58%
Facebook: 59%
Microsoft Redmond: 60%
Apple: 72%

It will be game-changing if Council can increase the adoption of such exemplary TDM programs. The reason these programs are not widespread is because the annual cost-to-employer for an employee to undertake green commuting is high.

2. Combinations of parking charges and green commute incentives have proven effective. Stanford campus is a stellar example. Please consider collaborating on a "charges + incentives political viability study for major job centers" with Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale. Unilateral action by PA will produce a local commercial real-estate disadvantage. Collaboration avoids this issue.

91% of our 102M US commuters are provided with free parking.

Charges + incentives will reduce Research Park SOV mode share from 77% to 54%, yielding 6,000 fewer cars per weekday!

Details: Web Link


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Posted by resident 1
a resident of Charleston Meadows
on Dec 10, 2013 at 11:39 am

Folks - you do not put an acronym in a title / document without spelling it out the first time it is used. You are making an assumption that everyone knows what the acronym stands for. You are now making the reader search through to find the exact connotation for what you are discussing. Since I parked for free at the company I worked for it is unclear where you are coming from.
I should note that Google provides buses, as does Genentech, Tesla PA so they have a parking reduction plan in place. Lockheed provides tokens on the lite rail for its Sunnyvale employees - that assumes that everyone is in proximity of these services.