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Google's recent changes to You-Tube, i.e. Google+ ||| PROTEST THIS

Original post made by CrescentParkAnon., Crescent Park, on Nov 8, 2013

As of November 6th, two days about today, Google, the owner of You-Tube, made a drastic change to their You-Tube website forcing users to register their Google accounts. They have forced this on their users, and have virtually no support to explain it or justify it. One result of this is that comments cannot be made anonymously.

Google is forcing Google and You-Tube users to make google+ accounts and invading their social life to comment on a You-Tube video and trying to take away our anonymous profile. They are also trying to censor us unless we share the same worldview as they do. The information at this URL indicates that people have had their accounts suspended for informing others about an online petition to protest this and demand that Google stop forcing their users.

Web Link#

If you want to spread this petiton around Youtube, make sure to do it on a seperate account because others have told me people have been suspended for shareing this petiton with others.

This link is all of Google's locations given to me by a very generous person, it might help some people.
Web Link


I believe this is a very important issue for all people, especially Americans in light of the NSA scandals.

1) The internet now is synonymous with the marketplace of public ideas. That means essentially that anything you say is a political statement, in that, if someone you know, a business associate, an employer goes to your Google account they can look at your personal life and discriminate against you based on that. This is an insidious totalitarian movement against freedom that certainly makes a mockery of Google's "Don't Be Evil" motto.

2) If someone knows your political opinions, or even what you watch, how you think, what you say, what you read, they can infer a lot about you which may affect you in others aspects of your life. The Founding Fathers made sure that a citizen's vote was secret, and people's comments and internet viewing history should not be made public and cannot be made public if we are to keep respect for individual privacy intact.

3) There are times when we want our comments to be public and times when we do not, and we the users of services need to have the right to decide, and perhaps even to change our minds about some things. Even Facebook seems to understand that.

This competitive war between Internet Social Media companies should be waged for the benefit of the consumer, the citizen, the human being, not so business and government can sort us like punch cards.

Please, go to the following URL and sign the petition demanding that Google Change the Youtube comment section back to its original form.
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Posted by Bru
a resident of Crescent Park
on Nov 10, 2013 at 9:47 pm

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Hey, odd that I have to sign in to bring this up, but that link is at:

www (dot) change (dot) org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form

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