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Why Re-Elect Anna Eshoo?

Original post made by Rick Romanko, another community, on Oct 17, 2010

In the 14th District congressional race, most people will probably cast their vote for incumbent Congresswoman Anna Eshoo without even giving it a second thought. But with Congress’s approval ratings at all time lows, why is it voters in one of the most educated districts in the country can’t make the connection that Eshoo is part of that very same body most people hold in such contempt. After 9 terms and 18 years, could it be that Representative Eshoo is part of the problem?

Representative Eshoo no doubt scores high marks with progressives on social issues. But where does she stand on economic issues? She voted for NAFTA. She’s sponsored health care legislation favoring pharmaceuticals over consumers. She voted for financial reform favoring millionaire bankers by omitting most major reforms; legislation that former President Clinton’s labor secretary Robert Reich called a “mountain of effort for a molehill of results” but that Representative Eshoo bragged about. She sponsored legislation to protect millionaire executive stock options, opposes raising income taxes on millionaire CEO’s and opposes H-1B visa reform, a program which allows millionaire CEO’s to replace Americans with guest workers, keeping tech worker salaries low and millionaire CEO salaries high.

It’s time to fact facts: A vote for “Democrat” Anna Eshoo is a vote for business as usual in Washington.