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Thanks to Michael ~RIP~

Original post made by Mayfield Child, Green Acres, on Feb 2, 2008

Michael, I have a positive review of you in my mind...
I can remember when my youngest son was only 7 years old at the time. He came to try out for a play at the CT at the same time with his 8 year old brother. It was exciting! All the children (about 20 of them) were there, lined up across the stage. Each was given a sheet of paper with lines that were to be read aloud, one after the other.
My 7 year old son was positioned about in the 15th in long row of sucession to be called on to read. When you came to finish with number 14, you took one look at my son (SMALLEST and quietest!) and asked him his name, to which he then answered. You asked him "how old are you, Charles?" When he answered honestly that he was only 7, you then politely excused him from the line up. I was witnessing this at the back of the theatre rows of seating, quietly watching the interviewing. I saw the saddest face on #15.
WHAT A BLOW to him, but he knew the age limit was 8. He wanted SO badly to be in the mix with his older brother, who was well received by you and went on to play the part in the Dicken's Christmas Carrol.
Months later, when he turned 8, he was back. He tried out again on stage and was accepted. But then, he was caught running (by you)in the isle of the theatre after another youngster and both were told they were "86ed" out until they could behave. So he sat out another production.
He returned again, this time READY for serious theatre! He went on to play in more productions, very attentive to your suggestions on acting skills (and behavior!)
Years past. He enjoyed the stage, getting very comfortable in front of crowds. He and his brother went on to dance competetions together, did a lot of talent show competetions at numerous Jr. and High Schools, then onto Foothill stage productions under Bubba Gong.
My oldest son is working for Nickelodeon in post productions and my youngest son is working this month on the "Harvey Milk Story" in San Francisco with Scean Penn....following his dreams.
Thank you, their starting talents became their life's long ambition. I credit you for being their mentor from the start, for planting the seed from which they grew.


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