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Paulson asks for another $350 billion

Original post made by stock trader, Greater Miranda, on Dec 19, 2008

The Bush thieves are trying to rob the treasury of everything before they leave! Web Link, it just makes me downright angry. I'm angry! Ugh!

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Posted by R Wray
a resident of Palo Verde
on Dec 19, 2008 at 10:29 am

The Bush administration certainly doesn't know what it's doing economically, and I can't imagine what they hope to accomplish politically before they leave office. Their pragmatic approach has given up all principles of property rights. How stupid do they think we taxpayers are to say that they are "protecting taxpayers to the 'maximum extent possible'" as they rob us blind? Their programs are bound to fail and will only set us up for Obama's complete statist control.

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Posted by stock trader
a resident of Greater Miranda
on Dec 19, 2008 at 11:21 am

R Wray, the Bush administration hopes to bankrupt the U.S. so that when Obama comes in we'll have nothing, NOTHING!, to spend on things people REALLY need like health care, education, a modern transportation system, police and firefighters!

Look at Foothill, it's already suffering cut backs, but NO, we need bailouts so people can have their SUV's! Ugh!

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Posted by qq
a resident of Barron Park
on Dec 19, 2008 at 2:59 pm

Take a moment to review "The Crash Course" to get a handle on our current economic situation.

Web Link


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Posted by Paul
a resident of Downtown North
on Dec 19, 2008 at 5:42 pm

Nobody can actually be this consistently incompetent. We're experiencing the greatest sabotage and looting of a nation in history.

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Posted by Perspective
a resident of Midtown
on Dec 20, 2008 at 6:10 am

I agree this is a theft..of our democracy... I opposed the firts bail-out on the principle of limited government also and continue to oppose the ever increasingly accepted idea that "government's job is to fix this"..

but if you think this is a theft by Bush, and not by power hungry socialists..just wait until the full blown socialists take over the White House and then control not just 2, but 3 branches of the Executive Branch.

Never forget who has controlled the House and Senate these last 2 years. And who controlled the banking/mortgage industry...( If you are confused, look up Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and CRA). Now look who will be in the White House and who he worked with to sue mortgage companies into lending to unqualified buyers.

So, hold onto your freedoms while you have them.

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Posted by Perspective
a resident of Midtown
on Dec 20, 2008 at 6:19 am

Hoover caused a lot of problems with his ideas of "compassionate government", like Bush's ideas, but FDR made the problems from these ideas much worse by expanding the government even more than any one dreamed possible. He extended and deeepened the depression in doing this.

Obama is going to follow the same path..exanding and deepening our recession.

Unfortunately, we are proving the adage that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I just hope we wake up a lot faster than the people of the depression did. They had the excuse of being the first to experience these "grand ideas" and could be forgiven their mistaken Kenysian notions that more government "stimiulus" would fix problems. We have no such excuse.

To anyone who has paid attention, to our own history, to Japan's, Europe's, individual states, it is very plain that taking from producing citizens in the form of taxes to start govt programs to "stimulate" the economy is a failed idea. I am appalled that the Northeast Elitist Repubs seem to have completely abandoned all economic principles, and now we have only a few lonely Conservatives crying in the wilderness ( keep an eye on Coburn..McClintock)

Of course, Dems, to nobody's great shock, from Barack to Rahmbo, have clearly stated that an economic crisis is the perfect time to take advantage of scared people and implement more socialism, and try to turn us into Europe, or turn the whole nation into California. So, scared little sheep, here it comes. Enjoy1

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Posted by jardins
a resident of Greater Miranda
on Dec 20, 2008 at 8:44 pm

Right on, stock trader! The Bushies are burning the fields and houses as they retreat--a scorched-earth policy known and used for centuries. They claim they're cooperating with the incoming administration but they're in fact fouling the nest as they leave it.

"Perspective" seems to be living in the Napoleanic era--inventing a bogey-man of socialism just because priorities will be healthcare, education, negotiation and diplomacy, social services, public transportation. I ask him/her if the current situation--the most bifocated society since the Gilded Age--is fair, ethical, or enlightened.

It's totally unfair and old-fashioned for Americans to disdain Europe as if it were still the Old World. In fact, it's outdone America for decades in both the provision of services for those who in need, and the ethical expectation of those who are more fortunate to help provide such help. If I could, I would return there promptly, so no need to tell me to go home!

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Posted by stock trader
a resident of Greater Miranda
on Dec 22, 2008 at 11:19 am

I agree, the Dems are no better off in this bailout bacchanalia, they're the ones who voted for it!!! The U.S. is going to be bankrupt in a few years, I fear for all those who sold their stocks to jump into treasury bonds under the guise of government safety only to see the treasury go bankrupt.

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Posted by bruce
a resident of Crescent Park
on Dec 24, 2008 at 3:52 am

i don't think there is a chance that all the problems we have in America now can be dealt with openly and honestly. There are too many who benefit from the way things are, and they have too much money and power, enough to shut anyone else up and put smiley faces all over the media.

If it was up to me health care would be nationalized in order to reduce the costs to companies and provide care to everyone,

and the minimum wage would be increased to 8-9$/hour,

and the income tax on capital gains would be the same as that on earned income,

and people making minimum wage would not pay taxes on income,

and tax rates would go back up on the high earners, to a 35-40% maximum on 300K and up incomes, along with social security,

and we would put some small tariffs on imports, and should maintain equal trade with every country we trade with to prevent these huge trade deficits.

The government should take over the banking and insurance industry for a while, and maintain a partial ownership for the country, as well as the auto industry,

and we should go back and tax windfall profits on people who made huge fortunes in the last 10-15 years,

and the military should not be hiring contractors and defense contracting should not be for profit, as should not health care be.

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