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Debate Results

Original post made by sharon, Midtown, on Oct 15, 2008


75% 16,720
23% 5,243
2% 351

Total Votes: 22,314

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Posted by tj
a resident of Old Palo Alto
on Oct 15, 2008 at 7:31 pm

McCain came ready tonight, he has Obama resorting to his stump speech answers and a bit unnerved, IMHO.
And for the most part, he is not letting Obama get away with his endless dissembling.

The discussion on education demolished obama

Who do you trust to be a steward of your tax dollars ? the mob or McCain

obama should have run against bush 3 years ago, he is living in the past

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Posted by Gary
a resident of Downtown North
on Oct 15, 2008 at 7:39 pm

I don't know who won, but this was, by far, the best format. Both of these guys were allowed to go at each other compared to other debates. The moderator asked a few fundamental questions, then let them have at it.

This is a model for future debates.

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Posted by but seriously
a resident of College Terrace
on Oct 15, 2008 at 9:22 pm

Did anyone else notice that, rather than say that of course he doesn't agree with the fringe elements who shout "kill him" and "terrorist" when Palin mentions Obama's name, he ranted on about how he completely supports all the people who come to his rallies and each of them is an American and he is greatly offended by anyone's criticizing them? What the heck is that about? I would have respected him a lot more if he had said (and he could legimiately done so, as a matter of fact) that of course he would never, ever support the fringe shooting off about violence and that as anyone cold see he has tried to curb that enthusiasm to a constructive level. But noooooo. Is he afraid of alienating his pitbull? You know, the one who thinks the commission found that she had committed no ethical violations even though the first several pages of the report clearly shows that the commission found she HAD.

McCain was better than he has been i any other debate, but he was still rude in interrupting Obama repeatedly like a mad little schoolboy raising his hand and bursting out "teacher, teacher, I have a comment!" In that way, even though he did try to get to some substance (and that was a refreshing change by both candidates), he still seemed a little off. And what was up with blaming Obama's failure to engage in Town Halll meetings for the ternor of his campaign? Helloo -- not meeting him in his preferred forum did not make McCain act according to his stated principles. And blaming Obama for not taking taxpayer money to run (this seemed to particularly stick in his craw) -- seriously, is ther eANYONE who cares about this other than McCain? Not taking the money makes him a liar. Hm. And even McCain looked half-hearted about Ayers.

When asked. neither candidate would say what they have said in the campaign ads -- McCain didn't say Pbama was dangerous etc. and Obama did not say McCain was a disconnected, disaffected fuddy-duddy.

McCain would do well to stop saying "my friends." It sounds really inane.

Nov 4 and the end to all these shenanigans can't come too soon.

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Posted by Julie
a resident of Ohlone School
on Oct 15, 2008 at 9:24 pm

McCain did very well , his message will attract those out of the obama cult.

Of course LA and SF California has a already drunk drunk the poisoned Kool Aid, they never learned from the 70 s cults disaster.

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Posted by pam
a resident of Charleston Gardens
on Oct 15, 2008 at 9:26 pm

i'm not voting for mccain, but he won the debate tonight...this is a sleeper election...racism will play a part....fear will play a part...voters are talking to pollsters but are holding their cards close to the vest...both candidates are screwed, because the nation is in such a mess...whoever wins will be gone in 4 years....

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Posted by Paul
a resident of Downtown North
on Oct 15, 2008 at 10:08 pm

McCain clearly benefited from the diminished expectations created by his first two debates.

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Posted by Blue State
a resident of Evergreen Park
on Oct 16, 2008 at 12:52 am

Give McCain credit for a better performance than the last two - on the substance of many issues, he held his own better than in the past, but didn't do anything to shift votes, I'll wager. Good answers on supreme court justices and abortion, but Obama was good too. But it's not like abortion voters are swing voters, so no net effect either way. McCain's endorsement of Palin seemed sincere, but there's so little to say - "she's good on energy and takes on her own party and stands against corruption" (even with an ethics committee finding she abused power). Note they're not talking about how she said thanks but no thanks, not talking about how she can see Russia from Alaska, how she has more "executive experience" than McCain - oops, I mean Obama). No one in the country would look at her resume and have thought her fit to run the country, until she was nominated and McCain supporters had to build her up. But Obama played it well, saying nothing about Palin because it's so obvious she's already used up her momentum swing and will rapidly become a liability. McCain still looked unsettled and grasping overall though. He didn't call Obama "that one" at least. He didn't boast "I know how to get Bin Laden" begging the question why he wouldn't tell the military or CIA then and get it over with. But, McCain kept interrupting, and trying to score points that fell flat in most cases. "You should have run against Bush" wasn't much of a zinger, as Obama stayed on message - on key policies, McCain is too much like Bush and it's worth pointing out. Obama was as prepared as always, never let McCain get in a dig without a prepared response, but never off message. McCain's attempt to get detailed on Columbia free trade was interesting, but his repeated attempts to suggest that Obama doesn't understand foreign policy have failed in each debate. This time, Obama calmly responded with an air that says McCain's opinion of him is off, and irrelevant, and he had a specific reason that he opposed a specific treaty, rather than letting McCain present it as ignorance and entirely misguided notions on trade in general. The repeated thing about the $3million projector doesn't resonate with swing voters- or thinkers, I'd guess. No one thinks it was $3million for some regular piece of entertainment equipment. Was it an earmark? Yes. Was it criminal waste to support an educational museum? Of course not. Obama was unruffled again. Hardly the embarrassing zinger McCain would like to think. On negative ads they both fell short, but McCain trying to play the victim was pathetic. Obama's negative ads are mostly about McCain's ideas or weaknesses as a potential leader. McCain's negative ads insinuate that Obama is a traitor or a Manchurian candidate - that's an even lower level. And no one but McCain cares that Obama didn't want constant town hall meetings, or that Obama changed his mind about financing once he had a lot more. Gee, a politican pressing his advantage. Cry me a river, John. On health care, Obama destroyed McCain again. On school vouchers, McCain is a bit tenacious because it offers a clear difference and there's a segment of voters who love the idea of sending tax dollars to church schools. He looked a bit desperate there again, getting kinda huffy, but Obama stayed calm and on message. With health care and vouchers, we're talking about small amounts of money that give the illusion of help, but for the middle/working class, vouchers and a McCain $5000 med. tax credit combined with taxation on benefits... none of that works, and if you've been paying attention, Obama is getting more credible endorsements on health, education, and even the economy (check survey of economists in The Economist magazine). McCain goes out with his best debate but that's not saying much, and it won't be enough. He still wasn't better than Obama, and has nothing up his sleeve.

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Posted by OhlonePar
a resident of Duveneck/St. Francis
on Oct 16, 2008 at 1:02 am

Oh well, according to the snap polls, McCain lost by a huge margin.

He even lost the Fox focus group. Ouch.

It's the economy, stupid. McCain couldn't put forth a convincing case that he was an agent of change.

Also, he was rude, petty and angry again. Doesn't matter if he wins or loses the debates on points. He comes off as really unlikable. Every time he interrupted Obama or sneered, he lost voters. Who wants to listen to that for the next four years?

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Posted by but seriously
a resident of College Terrace
on Oct 16, 2008 at 6:32 am


But he was so much LESS rude, petty and angry than he was previously . . . In the first debate he really seemed a little unbalanced, he seemed a little hyper in the second one, and in this one he appeared more normal and sane.

It's interesting that detractors call Obama "arrogant." To me, providing thoughtful, measured responses is a welcome change. Arrogant is Bush, who tells us all not to trouble him with little things like civil rights when he wants to do something illegal. OR Palin, who says she can do what she wants cause she is Queen -- er, Mayor.

I'm with Blue State. McCain really sounded fake when he went off about how hurt he was by the comparison with Birmingham. But the fact is, after weeping and moaning about how Obama didn't repudiate, he not only did not repudiate his fringe followers, but he went on a rant about how he would not tolerate their being characterized as anything but good Americans. Huh? That kind of good American we don't need.

McCain had better tone and personal demeanor than before, but his message was still a little strange and his sniggering, disrespectful little interruptions were a little off. Kind of made me think those rumors about his childhood nickname of "McNasty" were probably true. It's like the creepy kid who is making mean little digs at a classmate and looking around to see if anyone else thinks he's funny or cool.

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Posted by The Real Sharon
a resident of Midtown
on Oct 16, 2008 at 6:35 am

McCain lost the debate last night big time. At some point sit looked like he was going to burst out in tears, things were going so bad for him.
Obama once again showed what a person he was by not bringing up Mccain's association with Cuban-american terrorists,a s reported in Salon magazine, even though McCain tried to inject the Bill Ayers issue.
Also Palin did not do a good job on McCain's lipstick last night

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