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Vigil Stop the War Now Aug 28th 5:45

Original post made by Elaine Elbizri, Midtown, on Aug 27, 2007

Over 600 vigils organized by MoveOn, will be held across the nation on August 28th to demand an end to the Iraq War Now Residents of Palo Alto are participating in a peaceful vigil as witnesses against the war. The vigils are calling on Congress as it returns in September to end a war that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of US troops. In $$$ terms the war has cost $54.55 billion. It has cost District 14 $1.76 billion.

Participants will be welcomed by the Raging Grannies. This will be followed by small groups reading the toll in U.S lives over the past year.
Lytton Plaza, University Avenue, between Emerson & Ramona 5:45pm

Co-sponsors: Local MoveOn Council District 14; San Mateo County Democracy for America; San Mateo Peace Action; San Francisco Peninsula Raging Grannies Action League; Los Altos Voices for Peace; Declaration of Peace San Mateo County; Peninsula Peace & Justice Center.

This is a event

National Take a Stand Day--to remember the human cost of the war and urge our members of Congress to stand up in September and end this endless war


On Tuesday, August 28, 1000s of members of Political Action throughout the Bay Area will hold candlelight vigils as witnesses against the war to call on Congress to vote to end the war in September.

Along with over 600 vigils across the nation being held to demand an end to the Iraq War Now residents of the Bay Area are participating in a peaceful vigil. The vigils are calling on Congress as it returns in September to end a war that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of US troops. In $$$ terms the war has cost $54.55 billion.

“Seventy percent of the US populace are against this war. It is time for the Bush Administration to stop looking through rose-colored glasses and realize that the surge has been a total failure.” said local MoveOn member Alice Smith. “All our Bay Area Representatives must Stand Up in September and vote to end this religious civil war that cannot be won,” concluded Smith.

Participants in the vigils will read from a “War Toll Calendar” to honor and remember the soldiers and civilians that have died or been grievously injured in the past year.

Vigils like these are part of national Take A Stand Day - a coordinated day of action to end the war initiated by the Americans Against Escalation in Iraq coalition, including, Political Action,, the Service Employees International Union, True Majority and others.

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Posted by chris
a resident of University South
on Aug 27, 2007 at 2:11 pm

This demostration should take place in a district with hard-core Republican representatives. Around here, there are no representatives and very few people to convert.

I would rather spend my time and energy on something that has practical effect and not something that just makes me feel good and superior to people who have opposing views.

Posted by GMC
a resident of Fairmeadow
on Aug 27, 2007 at 3:53 pm

How about a "Think twice before we let Al Quaida win" rally. Just an idea. I do appreciae the idea of remember the toll of this war, however. Lets not let those deaths be in vain.

Posted by Elaine Elbizri
a resident of Midtown
on Aug 27, 2007 at 4:10 pm

Chris you are spot on these demonstrations are nation wide and Repulican representatives are a special focus. There are more than 600 vigils tomorrow and the message is to tell congress to end this war.
GMC - Let's go after Al Queda not the Iraqi people and their nation. Read Barbara Boxer's support for these vigils:

From: Barbara Boxer <>
Date: Aug 27, 2007 1:07 PM
Subject: Take A Stand On Iraq

Help us end the occupation in Iraq.

Got to to find a "Take a Stand Day" event near you on Tuesday!

Did you hear President Bush last week talking about Iraq? Instead of
listening to the vast majority of the American people on Iraq,
President Bush is talking about how wrong it was to leave Vietnam.

Well, just a reminder to this President: U.S. troops stayed in
Vietnam, in the middle of a civil war, for more than ten long and
painful years. More than 50,000 of our young people died, countless
wounded mentally and physically. Suicides and homelessness still
follow too many of our Vietnam veterans. How many more would have died
if George W. Bush had been President in the 1970's? How many more of
our troops and innocent Iraqis will die if we don't finally end this

For the past ten weeks, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq (AAEI) --
a broad coalition of organizations working to end the war -- have been
ratcheting up the pressure on those who keep voting to keep the war

Tomorrow, August 28, AAEI's "Iraq Summer" program culminates in one
nationwide day of action: Take A Stand Day. In coordination with
coalition partner, they're hosting Town Halls on Iraq and
Stand Up Vigils across the country to send a clear message to all of
my colleagues in Congress and to the President: It is time to bring a
responsible end to the war.

Can you attend the Take A Stand Town Hall or Stand Up Vigil in your
community on Tuesday and make sure Congress and President Bush know
that it is time to end this reckless war?

Sign Up Here: Web Link">Web Link

In September, the White House will release its Iraq report on the
troop escalation and General Petraeus will testify before the Senate.
Our courageous men and women in uniform are doing everything they can
in Iraq, and they have performed superbly -- but they cannot win this
war militarily. Without a change in our political and diplomatic
strategy in the region -- and that is President Bush's responsibility
-- there will be no real progress in Iraq.

I am asking you to join thousands of Americans tomorrow, to say loud
and clear: George W. Bush's strategy in Iraq has failed. We must end
this occupation in Iraq. It is time to redeploy our troops out of the
quagmire in Iraq.

Sign Up Here: Web Link">Web Link

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator

Posted by Reality Check
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Aug 27, 2007 at 4:26 pm

Us leaving will not end the war...just increase the overall death rate of innocents in Iraq when the Sunni and Shia extremists battle for control of the country. The increased bloodshed will be on the "end the war" activists' hands.

But, I guess that is what the "end the war" people want.

Agree wholeheartedly...don't forget the killed and wounded US soldiers who have volunteered to support the Iraqi people who want democracy, which in the end is good for us!!

Posted by Resident
a resident of Crescent Park
on Aug 27, 2007 at 4:27 pm is an anti-American organization. It's not President Bush's strategy that's Congress that has approved and allowed the war to continue. Why are you giving Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats in Congress a pass? It's time for a reality check. Congress is controlled by the Democrats and they have condoned this war by continuing to fund it. I don't see any end to that funding either. Therefore, I don't see any end to this war. A President cannot make this decision alone....he or she needs the support of Congress to continue. George Bush has that support from this Congress which is controlled by the Democrats. Complain to them...they have the ability to end it now if they wanted to. I know it's hard to hear, but they don't want to end it.

Posted by Walter_E_Wallis
a resident of Midtown
on Aug 27, 2007 at 5:42 pm

[Post removed by Palo Alto Online staff.]

Posted by GMC
a resident of Fairmeadow
on Aug 27, 2007 at 6:11 pm

Regardless of whether we should have gone into Iraq in the first place (a very legitimate discussion), we are fighting Al Quaida there now, and if we leave - they win. The US and Iraqi civilian death toll is staggering. Who is car bombing the marketplaces? Al Quaida! The US hasn't been fighting Iraq since 2003. We've been fighting IN Iraq.

Pleae have a rally - speak your mind and feel good about it whatever your viewpoint.

Posted by Walter_E_Wallis
a resident of Midtown
on Aug 27, 2007 at 9:15 pm

Palo Alto had a ballot proposition essentially withdrawing support from the Vietnam war effort. It passed, and I believe General Diap mntioned it in his memoirs an part of the encouragement to keep fighting after he had been militarily defeated.

Posted by wow
a resident of South of Midtown
on Aug 28, 2007 at 6:45 pm

Wow,,,I didn't know that, Palo Alto has ALWAYS been this way?

I hope that this time around more people remember the consequences of quitting before we are done. The blood of a couple million massacred south Vietnamese and Cambodians is on the hands of those who propogandized us out of Viet Nam..I hope they don't want millions of Iraqi lives on their hands as well.

Posted by concerned citizen
a resident of Egan Middle School (Los Altos)
on Aug 29, 2007 at 9:19 pm

[Post removed by Palo Alto Online staff.]

Posted by Palo Parent
a resident of Greenmeadow
on Aug 29, 2007 at 9:39 pm

[Post removed by Palo Alto Online staff.]

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