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Locals at, CCS wrestling tournament

Date of competition: Friday, February 21, 2020

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Central Coast Section tournament
at Independence
First round
113: Tengco (SHC) p. Davud Khalilov (M-A), 3:27
120: Sacha Williams (PA) d. Nevarez (VC), 12-9; Sarkes (S. Teresa) p. Justin Lin (Gunn), 1:10; M. Bigler (Rior) p. Joshua Jimenez (M-A), 2:40
126: Bryan Aya Ruiz (Gunn), bye; B. Bigler (Rior) major Julian Kim (M-A), 15-5
132: Rossi (S. Benito) p. Max Felter (PA), 10-7
138: McCarthy (Bell) p. Francisco Causer (M-A), 1:41
145: Caleb Prouty (M-A) d. Breen (Mont), SV7-5; Adar Schwarzbach (PA) bye
152: Reilly Duncan (Wood) tech. Rinehart (Mont), 16-0, 5:44; Dara Haydarpour (PA) p. Trapani (Bell), 1:31; Phillip Doan (Gunn) d. Nunez (S. Benito), SV 6-4
160: Cade Creighton (PA) bye; Reyes (Home) d. Bryan Bekemeyer (M-A), 4-0
170: Cyrus Durham (M-A) p. Nieto (Hill), 5:28; Halo Lynch (PA) p. Hernandez (Independence), 1:14; Redmond (Sobrato) d. Armin Abolhassani (Gunn), 9-5
182: Dean Hall (PA) p. Gomez (Alissal), 5:41
195: Macguire Ferrell (PA) by injury default
220: Misiteni Eke (M-A) bye; Gulchi (SHC) d. Neil Hansen (Gunn), 7-3
Second round
113: Khalilov (M-A) bye
120: Alfaro (Gilroy) p. Williams (PA), 2:31; Lin (Gunn) p. Dearmin (P. Grove), 0:53; Armin (Cup) p. Joshua Jimenez (M-A), 2:31
126: B. Bigler (Rior) tech. Aya Ruiz (Gunn), 17-2, 4:03; Julian Kim (M-A), bye
132: Felter (PA) d. Chavez (S. Cruz), 9-1
138: Cruz (KC) p. Causer (M-A), 2:10
145: Duld (Carm) p. Prouty (M-A); Schwarzbach (PA) d. Tate (S.Cruz), 16-0
152: Saldate (Gilroy) p. Duncan (Wood), 1:11; Haydarpour (PA) p. Sannoh (Leigh), 3:26; Doan (Gunn) d. Rocha (LGatos), 7-4
160: Creighton (PA) d. Escutia (Palma), 15-4; Tarozzi (Gund) d. Bekemeyer (M-A), 8-1
170: Brophy (Carm) d. Durham (M-A), 11-2; Lynch (PA) d. Hernandez (Greenfield), 15-9; Abolhassani (Gunn) d. Murray (Home), 17-1
182: Hall (PA) p. Boyle (Seq), 15-7
195: Jimenez (Evergreen) p. Ferrell (PA), 0:23
220: Eke (M-A) p. Bryan (LGatos), 5:29; Hansen (Gunn) d. Royeca (Cap), 2-1
Third round
113: Nascimento (MView) p. Khalilov (M-A), 3:52
120: Williams (PA) d. Lin (Gunn), 6-0
126: Volynsky (HMB) p. Aya Ruiz (Gunn), 3:18; DeLeon (LGatos) p. Kim (M-A), 3:28
132: Felter (PA) d. DeGarcia (Soledad), 10-2
145: Prouty (M-A) d. Gaskell (V.C.), 13-3
152: Duncan (Wood d. Niemi (Leland), 9-0
170: Abolhassani (Gunn) d. Durham (M-A), 7-3
195: Ferrell (PA) p. Bauleke (Harbor), 0:14
220: Koskie (Leland) d. Hansen (Gunn), 5-2

posted by Rick on Feb 21, 2020 at 4:45 pm

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