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Local results at, MidCals

Date of competition: Saturday, January 18, 2020

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MidCals Tournament
at Gilroy High
Team leaders
1, Evergreen Valley 137
2, Gilroy 120
3, Half Moon Bay 112
4, Soledad 101 1/2
5, Selma 85
6, Menlo-Atherton 83
7, Lowell 80
8, Palo Alto 63
13, Gunn 27
17, Woodside 15
(68 teams were entered)
(Local results)
116: Maira Joya (Evergreen Valley) p. Alejha Broussard (Menlo-Atherton), 3:06
131: Anna Smith (Menlo-Atherton) p. Daniela Romo (Lowell), 3:20
Round robin V
189: Aviv Kobza (Palo Alto) p. Isabella Gpidendio (Menlo-Atherton), N/A
189: Socorro Aguilar (HMB) p. Amelia Clough (Palo Alto), N/A
116: Negrete-Morales (Soledad) p. Zoe Wong-VanHaren (Palo Alto), 0:30
121: Ella Jauregui (Palo Alto) d. Nguyen (Evergreen Valley), 17-4
143: Mikayla Silverman (Gunn) p. Lily Martin (Menlo-Atherton), 0:45
170: Imoka (Lowell) p. Asmita Rajmahan (Palo Alto), 0:43
Round robin IV
Kobza p. Clough, N/A
106: Garcia (Soledad) p. Jalena Hertzler (Gunn), 1:56
116: Joya (EV) d. Wong-VanHaren, 12-7
116: Broussard p. Negrete-Morales, 2:5
121: Mendoza (Selma) p. Jauregui, 5:33
126: Valdez (Selma) p. Alexandra Lee (Palo Alto), 5:37
131: Smith p. Nysa Bhat (Palo Alto), 0:26
150: Nguyen (EV) d. Alex Lujan (M-A), 7-6
150: Miguel (HMB) d. Hali Newman (Woodside), 15-4
170: Andrade (HMB) p. Rajmahan, 1:54
Consolation semifinals
106: Leon (Gonzales) p. Hertzler, 0:49
116: Wong-VanHaren p. Lange McPherson Claire (M-A), 4:25
121: Jauregui d. Gwendolyn Tomkins (M-A), 6-1
126: Fierro (Gilroy) d. Lee, 2-0 SV
131: Harrell (Soledad) d. Bhat, 8-7 UTB
137: Mercado (Soledad) d. Marina Buendia (Palo Alto), N/A
143: Martin p. Adams (Clovis East), 4:46
143: Silverman p. Ramirez (HMB), 2:35
150: Wallace d. Lujan, 6-4 SV
170: Rajmahan p. DeBode (HMB), 3:36
170: Imoka (Lowell) p. Brynn Adasiewicz (Woodside), 1:23
Consolation of four
111: Wong (Lowell) d. Kylie Hu (Palo Alto), 8-2
116: McPherson Claire d. Kayla Melcher (M-A), 5-0
121: Tomkins p. Guizar (Gilroy), N/A
126: Fierro (Gilroy) p. Anna Younes (M-A), N/A
137: Buendia p. Zoe Zehnder (M-A), N/A
143: Martin p. Perez (ND-Salinas), 2:40
Round robin III
160: Wicks (Clovis East) d. Alison Richter (Woodside), 10-1
189: Clough p. Gpidendio, N/A
235: Gijon (HMB) p. Ashlye Gutierrez (M-A), N/A
106: Hertzler p. Ramirez, N/A
111: Rodriguez (Buchanan) p. Hu, N/A
116: Wong-VanHaren p. Smith, N/A
116: Broussard p. Aguilar (Cap), N/A
121 Mendoza d. Lu Linnert (M-A), N/A
121: Jauregui p. Lu (Leland), N/A
121: Smith d. Tomkins, 5-0
126: Lee p. Garcia, N/A
131: Smith p, Donesa (EV), N/A
131: Bhat d. Sanchez-Martinez (HMB), 8-2
137: Mendez-Nunn (HMB) p. Buendia, N/A
137: Lazo (EV) d. Zehnder, 4-2
150: Newman p. Wallace, N/A
150: Lujan d. Ly (SC), 9-8
170: Andrade (HMB) d. Adadiewicz, 11-10
Consolation of eight I
101: April Lam (Palo Alto) d. Mukai (Leland)
101: Eden Fisher (M-A) p. Nunez (Soledad)
101: Villalobos (Gonzales) p. Saniya Joshi (M-A)
101: Covarrubias (HMB) p Pria Kuykendall (M-A)
116: McPherson Claire p. Sanchez
126: Hailey Oshita (Palo Alto) p. Stephanie Madrigal (M-A)
Consolation round of eight II
101: Mukai p. Lam, 0:27
101: Cabuag (Sobrato) p. Fisher, 0:57
116: Melcher p. Do (SSF), 2:22
116: McPherson Claire p. Aguilar, 4:04
121: Hernstedt (Sobrato) d. Linnert
121: Tomkins p. Morris (Clovis West), 1:51
126: Younes p. Sanchez, 2:124
126: Sarabia (HMB) p. Oshita, 0:28
143: Silverman p. Plancarte (HMB), 1:50
143: Franco (Lowell) p. Lauren Wargo (M-A), 1:29
143: Martin p. Ing (EV), 2:00
Round robin II
160: Richtrer d. Solorio, 2-0
189: Bolli (SC) p. Gpidendio, 1:32
189: Aguilar p. Kobza, 0:53
235: Ramirez p. Gutierrez, 2:28
Round of 16
Tumale (SC) p. Lam
101: Olivarez p. Fisher
101: Cabuag p. Joshi
101: Mukai p. Kuykendall
106: Hertzler p. Leon
116: Joya p. Melcher
116: Wong-VanHaren p. McPherson Claire
116: Do (SSF) d. Tess Buckley (M-A), 13-4
121: Tomkins d. Lu (Leland)
126: Fierro p. Oshita
126: Washington (EV) p. Madrigal
126: Garcia d. Younes, 7-2
131: Smith p. Toloza (EV)
131: Bhat p. Ventura (Soledad)
143: Nwachukwu (SC) p. Martin
143: Ramirez d. Wargo, 5-2
143: Patneaud (Gilroy) p. Silverman

posted by Rick on Jan 19, 2020 at 5:54 pm

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