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Newark Memorial 255, Menlo-Atherton 212

Date of competition: Saturday, November 30, 2019

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Menlo-Atherton Girls' Bear Bash
Team leaders
1, Newark Memorial 255
2, Menlo-Atherton 212 1/2
3, Half Moon Bay 212
4, Dougherty Valley 180 1/2
5, San Benito 155
6, Wilcox 152
7, San Leandro 143 1/2
8, Silver Creek 134 1/2
9, Gunn 131
10, San Lorenzo 122
26, Woodside 18
1st Place - Yessenia Covarrubiass of Half Moon Bay
2nd Place - Yulianna Arroyo-Gomez of Half Moon Bay
3rd Place - Sara Hukai of Leland
4th Place - Saniya Joshi of Menlo-Atherton
1st Place - Mikayla Guevarra of Amador Valley
2nd Place - Kiely Tabaldo of Menlo-Atherton
3rd Place - Jaycee Moriguchi of Newark Memorial
4th Place - Marissa Sustituido of San Leandro
1st Place - Athena Barajas of Washington (Fremont)
2nd Place - Kelalani Tumale of Silver Creek
3rd Place - Rayven Bedolla of San Benito
4th Place - Destiny Carranza of San Leandro
11th place -- Ana Chung (M-A)
1st Place - Zariah Hufana of San Leandro
2nd Place - Sara Vela of Branham
3rd Place - Arianna Leija of San Benito
4th Place - Jelena Hertzler of Gunn
11th place -- Kayla Melcher (M-A)
1st Place - Kaelyn Siason of Everett Alvarez
2nd Place - Nina Caron of Newark Memorial
3rd Place - Claire Lange-McPherson of Menlo-Atherton
4th Place - Alania Moreno of Bear Creek
5th Place - Victoria Nguyen of Wilcox
6th Place - Gwen Tomkins of Menlo-Atherton
1st Place - Mikaela Troche of Newark Memorial
2nd Place - Jenna Hartman of San Benito
3rd Place - Taylor Micallef of Half Moon Bay
4th Place - Witney Lam of Dougherty Valley
7th Place - Alexia Bensoussan of Menlo-Atherton
11th place -- Allyson Dinh (Gunn)
13th place -- Shani Amzallag (M-A)
1st Place - Anna Smith (Menlo-Atherton) d. Maya Letona (Santa Cruz), 5-3
3rd Place - Morgan Gaucher of Wilcox
4th Place - Dena Loansarrow of Upper Lake
5th Place - Jocelyn Martin of Dougherty Valley
1st Place - Adaugo Nwachukwu of Silver Creek
2nd Place - Mari Callahan of Menlo-Atherton
3rd Place - Sandra Sanchez of Half Moon Bay
4th Place - Athena Calderon of San Leandro
1st Place - Eleni Fakaosi of Lincoln (San Jose)
2nd Place - Esmeralda Mendez of Half Moon Bay
3rd Place - Ezra Vavao of Newark Memorial
4th Place - Wendy Molina of San Leandro
5th Place - Lily Martin of Menlo-Atherton
1st Place - Mikayla Silverman (Gunn) p. Vanessa Gutierrez (Lincoln-SJ), 1:06
3rd Place - Kendall Branchaud of San Leandro
4th Place - Dipika Chopra of Dougherty Valley
1st Place - Elisa Mendez of Half Moon Bay
2nd Place - Alexandra Blach-Lopez of Wilcox
3rd Place - Jacqueline Miguel-Dolores of Half Moon Bay
4th Place - Hali Newman of Woodside
1st Place - Ariana Pereira of Newark Memorial
2nd Place - Miku Barberi of Newark Memorial
3rd Place - Hannah Hendrickson of Menlo-Atherton
4th Place - Angel Shields of San Lorenzo
5th Place - Alison Richter of Woodside
7th Place - Brigitte Peterson of Gunn
1st Place - Melanie Martinez of Everett Alvarez
2nd Place - Jenessa Serrano of Bear Creek
3rd Place - Charlotte Tsien of Gunn
4th Place - Isabella Anthony-Everson of Newark Memorial
10th place -- Isabella Epidendio (M-A)
1st Place - Juliannah Bolli of Silver Creek
2nd Place - Savannah Sepulveda of San Benito
3rd Place - Socorro Aguilar of Half Moon Bay
4th Place - Sara Gaona of Wilcox
5th Place - Ashlye Gutierrez of Menlo-Atherton
112: Eden Fisher (M-A) p. Adriana Ayala (Salinas), 1:09
122: Ivee Moag (Salinas) p. Susanna Limbert (M-A), 1:05; 3, Lauren Li (Gunn)

posted by Rick on Dec 1, 2019 at 2:01 am

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