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Menlo-Atherton 68, Half Moon Bay 66

Date of competition: Friday, February 15, 2019

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Central Coast Section tournament
at Independence High
Team scores
1, Menlo-Atherton 68
2, Half Moon Bay 66
3, Alisal 56
4, Monterey 54
5, North Salinas 49
6, Evergreen Valley 44
7, Gilroy 42
8, Lincoln 41
9, San Benito 39 1/2
6, Fremont 37
13, Gunn 31
20, Palo Alto 20
First round
101: Salma Montano (Palo Alto) bye
106: Natalie Cai (Gunn) p. Ojeda (Lowell), 5:18
106: Martinez (Greenfield) p. Natalia Cossio (Palo Alto), 1:29
111: Zoe Wang-VanHaren (Palo Alto) bye
111: Lauren Fuller (Menlo-Atherton) p. Villalvazo (Lincoln), 2:29
111: Alvarez (North Salinas) p. Lola Robinson (Gunn), 4:08
116: Paola Ramirez (Menlo-Atherton) d. Posas (Silver Creek), 7-1
116: Pannell (Los Gatos) major d. Ella Jauregui (Palo Alto), 11-0
121: Evelyn Calhoon (Menlo-Atherton), bye
121: Ashley Wang (Palo Alto) p. Perez (San Mateo), 2:36
126: Kayla Lin (Gunn) p. Fierro (Gilroy), 2:48
126: Alexandra Lee (Palo Alto) bye
126: Angie Bautista (Menlo-Atherton) bye
131: Hamner (Leigh) p. Mikaela Fedder (Palo Alto) 3:09
131: Anna Smith (Menlo-Atherton) bye
137: Lauren McDonnell (Menlo-Atherton) p. Weaver (North Salinas), 1:40
143: Beth Leon (Menlo-Atherton) bye
143: Fine (Carlmont) p. Alia Drescher (Gunn), 0:37
143: Garcia (North Salinas) p. Hali Newman (Woodside), 1:17
150: Hannah Hendrickson (Menlo-Atherton) p. Strader (PAVA), 4:57
150: Melissa Crane (Woodside), bye
160: Abby Ericson (Menlo-Atherton), bye
160: Audrey Trien (Gunn), bye
170: Alex Lujan (Menlo-Atherton) bye
189: Folashade Akinola (Menlo-Atherton), bye
189: Amelia Clough (Palo Alto) bye
Second round
101: Lee (Fremont) p. Montano, 1:15
106: Cai p. Geddling (Hillsdale), 4:47
111: Letona (Santa Cruz) tech. fall Wang-VanHaren, 4:18 (19-1)
111: Fuller p. Nguyen (Yerba Buena), 0:45
116: Ramirez p. Serrano (Gilroy), 5:43
121: Calhoon p. Diaz (San Benito), 0:27
121: Wang p. Rocha (Alisal), 3:11
126: Lin p. Tofanelli (Terra Nova), 0:34
126: Lee p. Martinez (Wilcox), 1:35
126: Bautista p. San Paolo (Monterey), 0:23
131: Smith p. Kagedal (San Mateo), 0:42
137: McDonnell p. Betancourt, 1:21
143: Talamantes (PAVA) p. Leon, 3:11
150: Felix (Evergreen Valley) p. Hendrickson, 2:32
150: Garcia (Fremont) p. Crane, 5:59
160: Ericson, bye
160: Tsien, bye
170: Lopez (North Salinas) p. Lujan, 1:08
189: Akinola, bye
189: Clough, bye
160: Ericson p. Ibarra (Overfelt), 1:36
160: Perez (Salinas) p. Tsein, 1:10
189: Akinola p. Lopez (Wilcox), 1:41 189: Olaeta (Monterey) p. Clough, 0:35
106: Cossio, bye; Geddling p. Cossio, 2:04
111: Robinson p. Pham (Wilcox), 2:59; Robinson major d. Stockton (Soquel), 8-0
116: Jauregui p. Martinez (Salinas), 1:44; Jauregui p. Cervelli (Santa Cruz), 1:45
131: Fedder, bye; France (SCVA) p. Fedder, 0:13
143: Drescher, bye; Drescher p. Coastes (Watsonville), 2:58
143: Newman, bye; Medina (San Benito) p. Newman, 0:38
143: Leon p. Hernandez (Greenfield), 4:08
150: Hendrickson by forfeit
160: Tsein to blood round
170: Lujan, bye
189: Clough, bye

posted by Rick Eymer on Feb 15, 2019 at 10:14 pm

Comments: 0

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