Mens Wrestling

Stanford at, Southern Scuffle

Date of competition: Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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Southern Scuffle
at Chattanooga
125: Mackall (Iowa State) d. Gabriel Townsell (Stanford), 7-5
133: Nickell (CSUB) d. Mason Pengilly (Stanford), 4-2
141: Real Woods (Stanford) by forfeit
149: M. Finesilver (Duke) d. Requir Van der Merwe (Stanford), 5-0
157: Dom Mandarino (Stanford) d. Laprade (Virginia Tech), 4-3 (10:46)
157: Carson (Ohio) d. Paul Fox (Stanford), 7-5 SV
165: Joseph (Penn State) d. Shane Griffith (Stanford), 6-4
197: Nathan Traxler (Stanford) d. Seely (Northern Colorado), 7-5
Round of 16
125: Gabriel Townsell (Stanford) d. Rodriguez (Edinboro), 8-6
133: Mason Pengilly (Stanford) d. Huffine (Chattanooga), 5-3
141: Real Woods (Stanford) major d. O'Shea (Air Force), 12-2
149: Requir Van der Merwe (Stanford) d. Zovistoski (Appalachian State), 4-1
157: Dom Mandarino (Stanford) tech p. Goldfeder (North Carolina), 16-0
157: Paul Fox (Stanford) d. Burris (Citadel), 11-7
165: Shane Griffith (Stanford) major d. Eaglin (Duke), 12-3
197: Nathan Traxler (Stanford) tech p. Laird (Rider), 15-0
285: Miller (Virginia Tech) d. Haydn Maley (Stanford), 10-4
285: Haines (Lock Haven) p. David Showunmi (Stanford), 1:00
Round of 32
125: Townsell d. Giallambardo (Ohio), 8-6
133: Bravo-Young (Penn State) d. Dalton Young (Stanford), 4-3
141: Woods major d. Fongaro (Columbia), 14-2
149: Van der Merwe d. Dinmore (Rider), 4-0
157: Mandarino d. Fluri (Rider), 3-2
157: Nolf (Penn State) p. Jared Hill (Stanford), 1:21
157: Fox d. Skidgel (Navy), 8-1
165: Griffith major d. Tarter (Chattanooga), 17-4
174: Finesilver (Duke) major d. Rico Stormer (Stanford), 11-2
174: Siegrist (Lock Haven) d. Foster Karmon (Stanford), 5-2
184: Fagg-Davis (Rider) d. Colbey Harlan (Stanford), 10-6
197: Traxler tech p. Hall (Ohio), 2:27
285: Haydn Maley (Stanford) p. Spaulding (Edinboro), 2:57
285: David Showunmi (Stanford) d. Burns (Chattanooga), 6-1
285: Borst (Virginia Tech) major d. Trevor Rasmussen (Stanford), 12-3
Round of 64
157: Mandarino d. Ward (Air Force), 8-4
157: Fox major d. Rechenmacher (North Carolina), 10-1
Round of 16 I
133: Young d. Cummings (Chattanooga), 6-4
157: Gerl (CSUB) d. Hill, 6-2
174: Karmon d. Ashighyan (Ohio), 12-10 SV
174: Fortner (Chattanooga) d. Stormer, 5-3
184: Harlan d. Maddox (Campbell), 8-2
285: Rasmussen p. Brady (Rider), 1:11
Round of 16 II
133: Small (Iowa State) d. Young, 7-4
174: Hughes (Virginia Tech) p. Karmon, 4:50
184: Clothier (Appalachian State) major d. Harlan, 10-1
285: Tolley (Chattanooga) d. Rasmussen. 9-4
285: Maley d. Kluever (North Carolina), 9-4
285: Showunmi d. Earnest (Ohio), 6-1
Round of 32
157: Hill d. Rechenmacher, 9-4
174: Stormer p. Kretzer (Citadel), 5:51

posted by Rick Eymer on Jan 1, 2019 at 6:06 pm

Comments: 1

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posted by Rick Eymer on Jan 1, 2019 at 6:14 pm

Nathan Traxler reached the semifinals at 197 pounds. Photo by Hector Garcia-Molina/Stanford Athletics
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