Mens Wrestling

Stanford at, Princeton Open

Date of competition: Sunday, November 4, 2018

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Princeton Open
(Stanford results)
Gabriel Townsell (Fifth place)
Champ. Round 1 - Gabriel Townsell (Stanford) received a bye
Champ. Round 2 - Gabriel Townsell (Stanford) won by fall over Michael Kelly (Columbia) (Fall 4:20)
Quarterfinal - Devin Schroder (Purdue) won in sudden victory - 1 over Gabriel Townsell (Stanford) (SV-1 4-2)
Cons. Round 4 - Gabriel Townsell (Stanford) won by decision over Trey Chilafoux (West Point) (Dec 13-8)
Cons. Semi - Gabriel Townsell (Stanford) won by decision over Joe Manchio (Columbia) (Dec 9-7)
5th Place Match - Gabriel Townsell (Stanford) won by decision over Jaret Lane (Lehigh) (Dec 9-6)

Real Woods (Champions)
Champ. Round 1 - Real Woods (Stanford) received a bye
Champ. Round 2 - Real Woods (Stanford) won by tech fall over Jake Adkins (Princeton) (TF 16-1)
Champ. Round 3 - Real Woods (Stanford) won by decision over Corey Shie (West Point) (Dec 9-5)
Quarterfinal - Real Woods (Stanford) won by medical forfeit over Sa`Derian Perry (Old Dominion) (MFF)
Semifinal - Real Woods (Stanford) won by decision over Dan Fongaro (Columbia) (Dec 7-2)
1st Place Match - Real Woods (Stanford) won by decision over Nate Limmex (Purdue) (Dec 4-0)

Dalton Young
Champ. Round 1 - Dalton Young (Stanford) won by decision over Peter Ogunsanya (West Point) (Dec 5-3)
Champ. Round 2 - Dalton Young (Stanford) won by tech fall over Sam Mandlebraut (Rider) (TF 16-0)
Champ. Round 3 - Nate Limmex (Purdue) won by decision over Dalton Young (Stanford) (Dec 7-3)
Cons. Round 4 - Dalton Young (Stanford) won by decision over Danny Bertoni (Maryland) (Dec 4-3)
Cons. Round 5 - Marshall Keller (Princeton) won by decision over Dalton Young (Stanford) (Dec 6-5)

Requir Van Der Merwe (Runner-up)
Champ. Round 1 - Requir Van Der Merwe (Stanford) won by decision over Markus Hartman (West Point) (Dec 6-2)
Champ. Round 2 - Requir Van Der Merwe (Stanford) won by tech fall over Mason Rambarose (Sacred Heart) (TF 17-0)
Quarterfinal - Requir Van Der Merwe (Stanford) won by decision over Riley Jacobs (Columbia) (Dec 4-1)
Semifinal - Requir Van Der Merwe (Stanford) won by decision over Brett Kaliner (Stevens Institute of Tech.) (Dec 8-6)
1st Place Match - Alfred Bannister (Maryland) won by decision over Requir Van Der Merwe (Stanford) (Dec 3-2)

Ethan Woods
Champ. Round 1 - Christian Hunt (USMAPS) won by decision over Ethan Woods (Stanford) (Dec 6-3)
Cons. Round 1 - Ethan Woods (Stanford) won by fall over Quentin Milliken (Rider) (Fall 2:42)
Cons. Round 2 - Ethan Woods (Stanford) won by decision over Gary Dinmore (Rider) (Dec 5-4)
Cons. Round 3 - Kevin Budock (Old Dominion) won by major decision over Ethan Woods (Stanford) (Maj 11-3)

Jared Hill (Eighth place)
Champ. Round 1 - Mike D`Angelo (NJ RTC) won by major decision over Jared Hill (Stanford) (Maj 14-4)
Cons. Round 1 - Jared Hill (Stanford) received a bye
Cons. Round 2 - Jared Hill (Stanford) won by medical forfeit over Christian Hunt (USMAPS) (MFF)
Cons. Round 3 - Jared Hill (Stanford) won by decision over Jahi Jones (Maryland) (Dec 5-2)
Cons. Round 4 - Jared Hill (Stanford) won by decision over Jack Fisher (West Point) (Dec 8-2)
Cons. Semi - Gino Fluri (Rider) won by decision over Jared Hill (Stanford) (Dec 9-5)

Dom Mandarino
Champ. Round 1 - Dom Mandarino (Stanford) won by decision over Brandon Levesque (Sacred Heart) (Dec 13-7)
Champ. Round 2 - Brad Laughlin (West Point) won by decision over Dom Mandarino (Stanford) (Dec 4-3)
Cons. Round 2 - Dom Mandarino (Stanford) won by tech fall over Will Schmidt (Sacred Heart) (TF 16-1)
Cons. Round 3 - Laurence Kosoy (Columbia) won by decision over Dom Mandarino (Stanford) (Dec 4-3)

Shane Griffith (Champion)
Champ. Round 1 - Shane Griffith (Stanford) won by fall over Will Schmidt (Sacred Heart) (Fall 6:11)
Champ. Round 2 - Shane Griffith (Stanford) won by tech fall over Seldon Wright (Old Dominion) (TF 18-3)
Quarterfinal - Shane Griffith (Stanford) won by injury default over Cael McCormick (West Point) (Inj. 6:12)
Semifinal - Shane Griffith (Stanford) won by decision over Cole Wysocki (Purdue) (Dec 4-1)
1st Place Match - Shane Griffith (Stanford) won by decision over Brad Laughlin (West Point) (Dec 2-0)

Rico Stormer'
Champ. Round 1 - Rico Stormer (Stanford) won by decision over Sahm AbdulRazzaq (USMAPS) (Dec 3-1)
Champ. Round 2 - Dylan Lydy (Purdue) won by major decision over Rico Stormer (Stanford) (Maj 18-8)
Cons. Round 2 - Rico Stormer (Stanford) won by decision over Sam Williams (West Point) (Dec 6-2)
Cons. Round 3 - Anthony Olivieri (Rutgers) won by fall over Rico Stormer (Stanford) (Fall 3:12)

Austin Flores
Champ. Round 1 - Andrew Price (Lehigh) won in tie breaker - 1 over Austin Flores (Stanford) (TB-1 8-7)
Cons. Round 1 - Austin Flores (Stanford) received a bye
Cons. Round 2 - Austin Flores (Stanford) won by tech fall over Andrew Shedleski (Lehigh) (TF 19-1)
Cons. Round 3 - Austin Flores (Stanford) won by fall over Niko Cappello (Maryland) (Fall 4:52)
Cons. Round 4 - Noah Stewart (West Point) won by major decision over Austin Flores (Stanford) (Maj 13-3)

Nathan Traxler (Runner-up)
Champ. Round 1 - Nathan Traxler (Stanford) won by fall over Matt Correnti (Rutgers) (Fall 2:52)
Champ. Round 2 - Nathan Traxler (Stanford) won by tech fall over Connor Fredericks (Sacred Heart) (TF 19-2)
Quarterfinal - Nathan Traxler (Stanford) won by tech fall over Ethan Laird (Rider) (TF 16-0)
Semifinal - Nathan Traxler (Stanford) won by decision over Christian Brunner (Purdue) (Dec 6-3)
1st Place Match - Patrick Brucki (Princeton) won by decision over Nathan Traxler (Stanford) (Dec 8-5)

Trevor Rasmussen
Champ. Round 1 - Trevor Rasmussen (Stanford) won by fall over Mansur Abdul-Malik (Maryland) (Fall 4:41)
Champ. Round 2 - Lewis Fernandes (Buxton WC) won by fall over Trevor Rasmussen (Stanford) (Fall 1:42)
Cons. Round 2 - Trevor Rasmussen (Stanford) won by decision over Eric Keosseian (West Point) (Dec 9-2)
Cons. Round 3 - Jacob Aven (Purdue) won by decision over Trevor Rasmussen (Stanford) (Dec 7-3)

Haydn Maley (Runner-up)
Champ. Round 1 - Haydn Maley (Stanford) received a bye
Champ. Round 2 - Haydn Maley (Stanford) won by decision over Ben Sullivan (West Point) (Dec 3-2)
Quarterfinal - Haydn Maley (Stanford) won by decision over Daniel Herman (Columbia) (Dec 3-2)
Semifinal - Haydn Maley (Stanford) won by fall over Lewis Fernandes (Buxton WC) (Fall 2:52)1st Place Match - David Showunmi (Stanford) won by fall over Haydn Maley (Stanford) (Fall 7:29)

David Showunmi (Champion)
Champ. Round 1 - David Showunmi (Stanford) won in overtime over Eric Keosseian (West Point) (OT 8-6)
Champ. Round 2 - David Showunmi (Stanford) won by decision over River Henry (Old Dominion) (Dec 5-2)
Quarterfinal - David Showunmi (Stanford) won by decision over Brandon Phillips (West Point) (Dec 6-2)
Semifinal - David Showunmi (Stanford) won by medical forfeit over Will Hilliard (Old Dominion) (MFF)
1st Place Match - David Showunmi (Stanford) won by fall over Haydn Maley (Stanford) (Fall 7:29)

posted by Rick Eymer on Nov 4, 2018 at 6:23 pm

Comments: 3

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Betty Clement informed me, T provides fun. managed to get new clothes and the most current dog pen box and colors and notebooks. I preferred finding comfort school,another citizen said, appeared to be an only child to ensure the camaraderie with the group classmates serious,chelsea Stahl experienced identically. He were pleased with her the classroom buddys as well as the social plans. Joan Bodkin takes note of first standard surely. has to surge steps not in the school producing. for reasons uknown your expectant mum hadn educated me in to produce use of other feet on the stairs, i really took a little one step at a time. one day all trainer accepted me and went people into details. for example have been undergoing it suitable after,this person chuckled. Martha Mazzarella been paid to a small reddish schoolhouse within Peekskill, a terribly important state. It was simply kindergartners and simply hers was the value in your creating. right after, which became the home of the area amazing humanity. Martha wife, Patricia, made it easy to figure out the environment making it one of these obstructions because of its first raffle cover. wally becomes a uncontrollable quilter additionally rarely remembers that the majority of first schoolhouse area. Heber Ashley, Sr. must have been a freeway professional and in the middle of arms and legs island highways and as well,furthermore methods of the connections. He seemed to be on game board at training for ages. it's son, Yvonne, Went to highschool 5 near the bush and therefore normal to have grades yourself to six. my mom once explained, note your mentor, skip out Guenther. have been good deal of DeGloppers at school, as well as Santos, and moreover dan MacNamee was at my type. my dad told me in no way struggle with as well as anyone because they were all comparable. i recall component in a trumpet duet using henry Killian of the responsibility events inside the passage approved in 1935. I went to high school 9 to find qualities 7 8 wherever I had an incredible teacher, forget about Grenzebach. ended up basically only eight youthful at my refinement there,br> the particular Doris Rees sad remembrances is rediscovering the reassurance of school in september following a long disease. Had to walk miles that has a half to school and was previously tired the marriage gifts got on that point there,this considered. (you doesn obtain any trouble traveling with the golden birthday age bar more recently!) Il remember the until midnight Mabel Leibinger explained nearly your wife facility days. be sure you purchased butterflies with my stomach when day one of faculty came. We had simply to walk two far university, occasionally the price we rode on a lightweight one form of transport truck where it bought the whole compared to the condensory. consequently we had to go ahead and take form of transport and truck to my best grandaddy barn and launch other way to school. we'd a one armed janitor people who could perhaps you should definitely learn mankind arriving. however resist calling some sort of gong because had you been latter part of the, families stood another hour just after high school. you moved around similar Billy turn out to be darned,you acknowledged.
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posted by Justinesore, coach on Jun 24, 2020 at 4:09 am
  Religion and spirituality I have confidence in a spirit, A positive force that has directly impacted and influenced my life. But it cannot be defined by all of them dogmatic religions that man has made up. i am not "spiritual" And I don't become a member of any specific religion or go to church. I experience this force/spirit in lots of: grace, mindset, Kindness, humility, care for, favor, satisfaction etc. I think Jesus was a man who did exist and channeled this positive energy to those around him. But his purpose has been grossly distorted to suit man's agenda on the ages. Whether we take seriously are saying: That God is really just the workings of the inner mind and spirituality is just a tool to get to the inner mind, Or the fact God(s) Is outside the mind and reaching us, in any event, It is best we let God talk to us ourselves and we go through God for ourselves. Nobody has impossible to tell apart inner minds, So why would you follow someone elses lessons they learned from traveling their. equally, If God outside of the mind talked to them, He may well talk to you, So why live life by what he told somebody else. Back in my ignorant days, I too had those same "jesus" Experiences and at the moment seemed very real. It was all me playing out the roles of my fictional friend and myself. I live my life now by my own edicts and do not even emulate atheist gurus; undertake and don't influenced my deconversion at all. in truth, I did not even know they existed then, The only book I read was one of Bart Ermahn's books and by that time it was mere verification what I had already discovered on my own. I was at it 16/7 for five years when I dissed the faith. I had to find rational explanations for the stuff sexy chinese women I experienced and found them. One can still have spirituality w/o god labels and baggage that is indefensible. Not much changed with the inner voice except I now discover it is my own musings. I share what is on my mind what I feel may be pertinent to seekers like I once was. I have all this useless knowledge so why not use it to help folk that are seeking? I sure could have done with more folk like me to add up of it all. moreover, It is insightful to hear what other folk post. I do not improve with every post and every thread. So we have a god that speaks creation into everyday life, Appears in amount 3D forms from Humanoid, to varied animals, To burning bushes and pillars of smoke and we now need to be still and enter a trance like state to get in touch to the same god? Why the progres? Either he is a myth of remains as always a figment or rather creation of one's mind. There are persona types that are totally devoid of empathy or emotion and based on your suggestion they would be doomed never to connect. I did connect but it was just ME playing out the roles of two actors. So as with any theists, Only your variation is correct? Where have I heard that argument before? Oh yes in a few different churches. You have become a church of one member and that is fine at a personal level but you like all of them portend that your methodology is the only person that works? I find that to be rather arrogant yet I would not deny you the appropriate beliefs. In fact I walked this same path of god w/o religion for long periods. A universal god won't have a non universal language or message and a confusing one at that. No other distribution of literature expects you to devise your own plot. there's not Harry Potter apologists for those books and they were quite popular. These books of fiction are page turners but the bible requires in depth familiarity with the setting, The history that make it so darn boring/difficult to read. When you then add in the oral traditions of mens decryption, There is NEVER a universal feel, They are all different. Go look at some bible commentators from the 19th century and compare them to modern commentators, Chalk and mozerella. The Blue letter bible has top selling and most cited ones. Matthew Henry's commentary on Revelation differs vastly from modern commentators as in his time Israel was past tense and not present tense. So examples of the valid question, Why surely GOD (Assuming a general one) By way of the HOLY SPIRIT give conflicting interpretations of the exact same biblical texts? The reason I have previously given above but for you to find out will take at least a week of diligent study and reading. I have talked with all very reputable apologists, Rabbis via email discussions prior to stuff like FB and they all gave different answers to the same questions. It was a miracle if their answers were 70% the same. The same HOLY SPIRIT and various answers. Occams razor did the trick and the easiest answer is that the HS was unique to them as were their beliefs in god. Religion regularly reinvents itself. Go look at any creed or statement of faith of a trinitarian based church site and the see the Nicene creed. you can see similarities but they are never identical. All of christianity finds it roots via your council of Nicea 325CE. If ended up a UNIVERSAL god, These creeds would certainly be/remain identical/unchanged. we can see, I actually studied the roots and origins dating back I could go. Had I taken notes and saved the crooks to CDROM, I would have enough material for around two fairly thick books. I also have a pretty good memory and what you read here is my cliff notes version of my studies/research. I expect folk to draw their own conclusions. It seems that prior belief in any of the myriad religions is destructive to belief in God based on personal experience. It is the expectations engendered by the religions that pretty much doom belief in God when confronted by the carnal reality of this world. happily I was an avowed atheist when chinese girl I had my experience and the first thing I did was to ignore any and all beliefs ABOUT God. I refused to accept anything about God that I could not corroborate through my reviews of God and what we know from science. This meant ignoring all the Omni's and religion specific motions and nonsense. Thus my needs for God were virtually nil... Except for the beautiful love and acceptance that I personally experienced. no one is able I could ever believe that the consciousness I encountered would EVER be cruel, Vengeful, envious, ego hungry, upset, Wrathful or any of one more negative emotions we humans are heir to. My decades long odyssey eventually led me to Christ because the descriptions of Him epitomize the mindset I encounter in deep meditation. I am convinced that all the specifics of belief that religions make such a fuss about are completely unrelated to God. But emulation of Christ and following His points to His disciples to "Love God and each other" Daily and repent when we don't is really desirable... Because it's very compatible with the consciousness I encounter. everything else is human vanity and hubris. You have no idea of how much this makes me hurt for you. My parents didn't raise us in some sort of church and encouraged us to make our own decisions about matters of faith. and also, development in California during the 60's was one big cornucopia of religions and mindsets. eastern. oriental. local. The Hare Krishna's were dancing in the canyons and the Jesus everyone was baptizing in the ocean. I wasn't raised on judgement. My father's best friend was a Prisoner of War in WWII who was tortured by the japanese. He made it through the Bataan Death March. Despite that he fell obsessed about a Japanese woman, betrothed her, Brought her to this country and switched from Christianity to. Buddhism. When you are 8 years old and your dad's best buddy is a Caucasian visiting the Buddhist temple with his Asian wife it's a rather large lesson in tolerance and acceptance and brotherhood. as well love. It also helped steer my beliefs to what they're now. that produces me one more poster telling the OP he is not alone. So I'll start this with saying I believe "oplagt, I believe in a good higher power. I do not however in any way shape or form believe most of the man made religions. They are far too harmful, Self serving truth be told, bizarre in my humble opinion. How can anyone possibly also believe in one? Outside of being indoctrinated in their youth to imagine it? There are selection of ones to believe in, all claiming to be right, Nearly all claiming if you aren't living life the way they say you will go to hell. So many that are corrupted hateful of other peace loving people. before meaning to offend, I find some beliefs very sad. anyways, I was just curious to see packed anyone else out there that might possibly share my thoughts? I was atheist for centuries until I encountered some unbelievable coincidences that my human brain interpreted to not be realistically possible without some type of intervention by an unseen power. I don't tell you they are right, But based on my life's undergoes, This is the belief that has worked for me and left me at peace. I am curious what the selling point of deism is. I don't see any practical major difference (Other than really long shot odds of the best or edge case that might impact me but probably wouldn't) Between a god who doesn't exist and a god who might, On rare parties, Dip his toe within the water so to speak.
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posted by JoshuaLib, coach on Jun 28, 2020 at 6:35 pm
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posted by Colbyere, coach on Jun 19, 2021 at 8:49 pm
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