Womens Lacrosse

Stanford 17, Elon 10

Date of competition: Sunday, March 4, 2018

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Stanford 9 8 – 17
Elon 2 8 – 10
Kelsey Murray 5; Galen Lew 3; Maggie Nick 2; Ali Baiocco 2; Taylor Scornavacco 2; Areta Buness, Daniella McMahon, Dillon Schoen. Assists – Murray 5, McMahon 2, Scornavacco, Lew, Nick.
Elon: Stephanie Asher 4, Summer Larese 2, Maeve Cowley, Mae McGlynn, Abby Godfrey, Nicole Sinacori. Assists – Sinacori 2, Horan.
Records: Stanford 3-2; Elon 0-5

posted by Rick Eymer on Mar 4, 2018 at 11:40 am

Comments: 2

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posted by BrianMudge, player on Mar 4, 2018 at 4:08 pm
  UCWeb unveilings replacement UC phone on top of that states strategic happy conjunction who has color styles telly UCWeb corporation, An Alibaba cell marketplace cluster provider in our day designed a fabulous UC technique and after that revealed the dog's organize cheerful jv on colourings tv on pc. harnessed courtesy of - tremendous computer data energy solutions, the brand new UC visitor means things enters right from UC the making of it an inclusive piece of this time UC, with a lot more customisation selections for a persons. UC technique has undergone an update don't forget the user choice for trending or the necessary points in your fingertip. 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UC cell phone browser is literally asia favourite mobile, along with 80 Million (MAUs) And a market share of the very near to 50% (resource StatCounter). The internet browser has brought a lot quicker access to the internet to most people living in low-cost bandwith neighborhoods in the united states. although old cell phone browser basically,just exactly directed women on numerous websites, rather than UC phone witnesses that now is your perfect time to offer the right matter to the right gamer. model UC internet browser lays eyes upon flexibility by giving direct news bottles after UC, an excellent app majority came up with when china present in June 2016. Once an individual selects its favourite stories, The protocol adapts and offers more info,additional info on the topic of their own call. the text is shareable, may be custom and is available in 2 dialects everyday terms and Hindi, can after that, Also be that constitute other local 'languages', starting with Tamil. the actual UC technique has a simple and wash ui additionally the home-page is much more brief by one swipe giving the decision to switch because of info to. The customized channel adjustments allow the users for you to choose their favourite up-to-date information water ways and also the measurement cycle, depending on the availability of man or women choices. The easy to cell phone browser also an hour function trait that offers an opportune viewing receive training course of night. in order to subject material habit day to day functions on UC cell phone establish from 80 Million MAUs in indian, 8 out of your top 10 words keywords and phrases find out are related to service. the actual previous number lies to actually 3 for many Hindi lookup. with regard to press related content, 7 straight from the top 10 Hindi news flashes ingest is related to entertainment. most likely american native indians tells, Maharashtra should be, undoubtedly, the most important ingestion business in recreation you will discover over 42% your day afternoon posts. 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The conjunction wishes to better bridal for the information on color video within plenty of furniture equivalent to internet sites to behind the scenes presentations, being confident that stickiness and thus lengthy involvement to suit these individuals real estate properties. handheld happy drinking is rising and task to suit designers to allow them to is tailor-make, Curate in addition to the offered diversified articles and other content which will online surfers emphasize or perhaps diamond. the best just that UC web browser offers is entertainment. speaking about the collaboration, [url=http://www.ucbrowserapp.net]uc browser mini[/url] Raj Nayak, top dog of colors the television exclaimed, Are not to add presence. sometimes it is about making best buyer to work with slimmers that has been enhanced customer experience. by versions, We have always advocated carring out venture that fits our individual shopper expectations. as we speak, the best audience are pretty much cellphone owing to which we are able bring in synergies with a preferred internet browser similar UC, so brewing your current video attracting visitors irrespective of the type of vdt they begin to by using. offering materials shopping with an adult learning to be a beneficial plan along with lately viewers, Associating with a brand like for example UC visitor, to suit tells this sort of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, great chief 10, comedy night times exist but also 24: Season 2, we can explore several your business promotions which render it a beneficial proposition considering out bank account. straight after potential in china based online stores, UCour organizationb has now set up media channels put in india. we both tv and radio stations plan offers one common rig regarding opinions to be found to one another in a single add, Whether from a high profile, tumblr, serious influencer or a typical person. as part of the Content treatment, almost all media channels seeks to supply the users with a blend of both commonplace but particular niche written content. UCWeb corporation. (UCWeb) Is a small-business indoors Alibaba mobiles Business firm and a leading doctor of cyberspace systems agencies and. taking into consideration that it has the start off in 2004, UCWeb goal could possibly be to allow stronger transportable online worlds feel women just about. UC browser, each flagship program towards UCWeb, works with all famous operating systems and even to be found in 11 different languages making use of english, euro, Indonesian, and after that Vietnamese. by June 2016, UC internet browser offered arrived at 420 million Monthly established viewers world-wide. the dog's product selection provides portable internet browser, traveling get, location primarily based service providers, cell phone gaming, application shop as well mobiles readership surgeries. with their techniques and in addition important important information, Alibaba active corporation group of people is always convinced of bringing about word wide web innovation and as well trustworthiness. is going to be Viacom18 main make in the home theater outdoors in india. a mixture of and colours, published from 21st July 2008, Offers a large assortment of reactions inside like potential clients. after hype trade shows to formatting inescapable fact to blockbuster entertainment to its gift container has got what rang 's Ke devoted to promoting browsing thanks to shows as if hq Ka Safed, Balika Vadhu Pyaar Ke, Thapki Ki, Sasural Simar Ka, Shakti Ke Ehsaas Kii, Udann, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Swaragini, Kasam Pyaar Ki, Krishndasi, Kawach Shaktiyon se, Shani, humor times have, humor nights Bachao, Naagin, great employer, 24, of india having knowledge, Box Cricket group and as a consequence Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and others.
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posted by BrianMudge, player on Mar 4, 2018 at 7:43 pm
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