Mens Golf

Oklahoma State 567, Stanford 573

Date of competition: Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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The Prestige at PGA West
at La Quinta, par 71
Team leaders
1, Oklahoma State 283-284--567
2, Pepperdine 285-283--568
3, Oregon 283-288--571
4, LSU 287-285--572
5, Stanford 286-287--573
6, Northwestern 286-291--577
7, USF 291-293--584
8, USC 296-293--589
8, East Tennessee State 296-293--589
10, Stanford B 298-298--596
10, Iowa State 297-299--596
Individual leaders
1, Feagler (Pepperdine) 69-66--135
2, Xiong (Oregon) 68-68--132
3, Gagne (LSU) 70-68--134
4, Suh (USC) 71-69--140
4, Hovland (OSU) 69-71--140
4, Bauchou (OSU) 70-70--140
7, Isaiah Salinda (Stanford) 72-69--141
7, Theegala (Pepperdine) 69-72--141
7, Baumgarten (UC Davis) 75-66--141
10, Franklin Huang (Stanford) 68-75--143
Seven others tied at 143
Other Stanford golfers
18, Brandon Wu 75-69--144
36, Henry Shrimp 71-77--148
Jeffrey Swegle 75-74--149
Stanford B golfers
28, Ashwin Arasu 73-73--146
36, Bradley Knox 72-76--148
46, David Snyder 77-73--150
57, Christopher Meyers 76-76--152
83, Dakota McNealy 79-91--170

posted by Rick Eymer on Feb 21, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Comments: 2

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posted by BrianMudge, manager on Feb 22, 2018 at 3:57 pm
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