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Menlo-Atherton 217, Palo Alto 69

Date of competition: Saturday, February 3, 2018

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Central Coast Section Championships
at Overfelt High, San Jose
Team leaders
1, Menlo-Atherton 217
2, Alisal 172
3, Gilroy 126
4, Terra Nova 117
5, Half Moon Bay 116
6, Lincoln-SJ 97
7, North Salinas 95
8, Milpitas 92 1/5
9, Evergreen Valley 89
10, San Bention 87
14, Palo Alto69
23, Gunn 37
Individual results
Championship round
Melissa Lee (Fremont) d.Charlie Nguyen (Wilcox), Inj. 1:23
106: Victoria Borrego (Terra Nova) d. Katherine Nguyen (Evergreen), 5-0
111: Carolina Johnson (North Salinas) p. Marisol Jimenz (Overfelt), 3:30
116: Anna Smith (Menlo Atherton) d. Greta Gustafson (Santa Cruz), 8-4
121: Mia Olmos (Lincoln-SJ) d. Evelyn Calhoon (Menlo Atherton), 3-2
126: Victoria Cabrera (Alisal) d. Angie Bautista (Menlo Atherton), 7-6
131: Julissa Taitano (Silver Creek) d. Mikaela Contreras (Terra Nova), 5-3
137: Lauren Mcdonnell (Menlo Atherton) d. Annie Hua (Fremont), 9-2
143: Gianna Mosqueda (Watsonville) d. Kelly Nebesnick (Gilroy),Dec 5-3
150: Marlene Salinas (Terra Nova) p. Kennedy Miedema (Lynbrook), 2-1
160: Adriana Orozco (Gilroy) 30-1, d. Jezebel Garcia (Wilcox) , 2-1
170: Abby Ericson (Menlo Atherton) p. Marisol Licea (Alisal), 2:54
189: Fola Akinola (Menlo Atherton) p. Pipiena Langi (Mills), 1:32
235: Caterina Montante (Monterey) p. Morgan Sparks (Half Moon Bay), 1:16
Placement round
(5th) Madeline Pena (San Benito) p. Ashley Wang (Palo Alto), 2:29
126: (3rd) Raquel Amezquita (Santa Teresa) d. Aishah Maas (Palo Alto), 7-5
131: (5th) Masako Perez (Palo Alto) p. Maria Lopez (Gonzales), 3:26
235: (5th) Rosalba Orosco (Alisal) d. Livienna Lie (Menlo Atherton), 8-1
Consolation round
Ly (Washington) p. Kiernan Dunn (M-A), 0:51
106: Barranco (Aptos) p. Salinas (M-A), 1:35
Garcia-Ram (Soledad) p. Natalie Cai (Gunn), 2:15
111: Johnson (North Salinas) p. Lolo Robinson (Gunn), 1:12; Robinson d. Santana (Prospect), 3-1 (SV); Letona (Santa Cruz) p. Robinson, 1:45
Santana (Prospect) maj. d. Zoe Wong-Vanharen (Palo Alto), 9-1
116: Alexandra Lee (Palo Alto) p. Mansour (Gunderson), 1:33; Siason (EALV) d. Lee, 9-3
121: Romo (Lowell) d. Kayla Lin (Gunn), 2-1; Robson (Branson) p. Lin, 4:24
126: Julia Laws (Gunn) p. Judy (Mon), 2:08; Laws p. Ramos (Milpitas), 4:17; Amezquita (Santa Teresa) d. Laws, 5-3.
131: Cortez (James Lick) d. Paola Ramirez (M-A), 4-2 (SV); Ramirez p. Ramos (Yerba Buena), 1:51; Guizar-Avi (Sequoia) p. Ramirez, 2:14
189: Lopez (North Salinas) p. Alejandra Arrelin (Gunn), 1:53

posted by Rick Eymer on Feb 3, 2018 at 9:46 pm

Palo Alto's Alexandra Lee. Photo by Keith Ferrell.

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