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Menlo-Atherton at, PAL finals

Date of competition: Saturday, February 18, 2017

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PAL championships
at Menlo-Atherton
Team scores
1, Half Moon Bay 173.5
2, Terra Nova 141
3, Menlo-Atherton 105
4, Sequoia 95
5, El Camino 82
12, Woodside 33
1st Place - Kyle Botelho of Burlingame
2nd Place - Tommy Sendino of Half Moon Bay
3rd Place - Nikolai Tatton of Oceana
4th Place - Dale Bolus of El Camino
1st Place - Daniel Borrego of Terra Nova
2nd Place - Hans Canton of Aragon
3rd Place - Luis Alcala of Half Moon Bay
4th Place - Joshua Meyers of Menlo-Atherton
3rd Place Match - Luis Alcala (Half Moon Bay) d. Joshua Meyers (Menlo-Atherton), 7-5
1st Place - Jacob Valdez of Terra Nova
2nd Place - Luis Angel Vasquez of El Camino
3rd Place - Daniel Chapman of San Mateo
4th Place - Akshay Khalasi of Capuchino
1st Place - Masa Danovitz of Sequoia
2nd Place - Edward Ruiz of Terra Nova
3rd Place - Marcus Zapanta of Oceana
4th Place - Alexander Kim of Mills
1st Place - Danny Camacho of Sequoia
2nd Place - Damon George of Half Moon Bay
3rd Place - Will Tarr of Menlo-Atherton
4th Place - Gene Kapel of San Mateo
3rd Place Match - Will Tarr (Menlo-Atherton) p. Gene Kapel (San Mateo), 4:28
1st Place - Jared Abellera of Terra Nova
2nd Place - Andrew Shiokari of Oceana
3rd Place - Jordan Maxion-Conway of Capuchino
4th Place - Noah Pedraza of El Camino
1st Place - Dylan Adams of Carlmont
2nd Place - Michael Pitts of Terra Nova
3rd Place - Robert Marticorena of Sequoia
4th Place - Spencer Eugenio of South San Francisco
1st Place - Cole Friedlander of Burlingame
2nd Place - Anthony Waller of Menlo-Atherton
3rd Place - Jonathon Napolos-Carrillo of Half Moon Bay
4th Place - Desmond Shing of Sequoia
1st Place Match - Cole Friedlander (Burlingame) p. Anthony Waller (Menlo-Atherton), 1:35
1st Place - Salvador Ruiz of Menlo-Atherton
2nd Place - Andrew Slaboda of Burlingame
3rd Place - Caspian Grabowski of Terra Nova
4th Place - Johnny Sargbah of Mills
1st Place Match - Salvador Ruiz (Menlo-Atherton) p. Andrew Slaboda (Burlingame), 1:36
1st Place - Jimmy Claitor of Half Moon Bay
2nd Place - Isaiah Martin of Aragon
3rd Place - Devin Andrade of South San Francisco
4th Place - Omar Valdez of El Camino
1st Place - Nicholas Ozden of Menlo-Atherton
2nd Place - Fabian Gutierrez of Woodside
3rd Place - David Fonseca of Mills
4th Place - Pedro Nic-Novelo of Half Moon Bay
1st Place Match - Nicholas Ozden (Menlo-Atherton) p. Fabian Gutierrez (Woodside), 4:46
1st Place - Tristan Helin of San Mateo
2nd Place - Gerardo Penaloza of Half Moon Bay
3rd Place - Brandon Petterson of South San Francisco
4th Place - Thomas Montserrat of Mills
1st Place - Ricky Camacho of Half Moon Bay
2nd Place - Sione Langi of Mills
3rd Place - Ariel Blemur of San Mateo
4th Place - Arman Dizadii of Burlingame
1st Place - Luke Cruz of South San Francisco
2nd Place - Gion Selsa of El Camino
3rd Place - Aldo Haro of Half Moon Bay
4th Place - Tory Young of Terra Nova

posted by Rick on Feb 18, 2017 at 9:49 pm

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