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Gunn at, San Ramon Invitational

Date of competition: Saturday, January 14, 2017

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San Ramon Invitational
Team scores
1, Gunn 174.5
2, Northgate 160.0
3, San Ramon Valley 157.0
4, Las Lomas 140.0
5, James Logan 123.0
Gunn wrestlers
120 - Travis Haro (1-2)
Champ. Round 1 - Adrian Bautista (Campolindo HS) dec Haro 6-5
Cons. Round 2 - Haro pinned Nathan Sutton (Northgate HS) 2:59
Cons. Semi - Ethan Floresca (James Logan HS) pinned Haro 4:45
126 - Eric Wei (1-2)
Quarterfinal - Wei pinned William Warren (San Ramon Valley HS) 3:51
Semifinal - Antonio Margiotta Jr. (Las Lomas HS) dec Wei 12-1
3rd Place Match - Gage Mettler (Northgate HS) pinned Wei 1:43
138 - Ido Enav (2-1)
Quarterfinal - Enav pinned Matthew Peterson (Monte Vista HS) 5:30
Semifinal - Enav pinned Samuel Holtman (Berkeley High) 3:00
1st Place Match - Cormick Hamilton (Northgate HS) TF Enav 17-2
145 - Graeme Cherry (3-2)
Champ. Round 1 - Cherry pinned Jimmy Brents (San Ramon Valley HS) :32
Quarterfinal - Ray Wu (Gunn HS) pinned Cherry 5:51
Cons. Round 2 - Cherry pinned Jack Gruen (Campolindo HS) :43
Cons. Semi - Cherry pinned Siam Mohammed (James Logan HS) 2:29
5th Place Match - Quintin Drake (Berkeley High) dec Cherry 9-0
145 - Ray Wu (3-1)
Champ. Round 1 - Wu dec John Poff (San Ramon Valley HS) 14-6
Quarterfinal - Wu pinned Graeme Cherry (Gunn HS) 5:51
Semifinal - Nick Bossert (Las Lomas HS) pinned Wu 3:12
3rd Place Match - Wu dec Fabian Hernandez (Amador Valley HS) 11-2
152 - Aaron Schultz (2-1)
Quarterfinal - Schultz dec Ethan Barrow (Amador Valley HS) 15-8
Semifinal - Temuujin Ulzii-orshikh (Las Lomas HS) dec Schultz 11-6
3rd Place Match - Schultz dec Steven Williams (Campolindo HS) 11-2
170 - Thomas Chang-Davidson (3-1)
Quarterfinal - Chang-Davidson pinned Aryan Ghanadan (Monte Vista HS) 1:11
Semifinal - Grant Chachere (Northgate HS) dec Chang-Davidson 8-3
Cons. Semi - Chang-Davidson pinned Alex Tepliki (Campolindo HS) :20
3rd Place Match - Chang-Davidson pinned Aryan Ghanadan (Monte Vista HS) 2:37
170 - Nick Diaz (0-2).
Quarterfinal - Grant Chachere (Northgate HS) pinned Diaz 2:23
Cons. Round 1 - Aryan Ghanadan (Monte Vista HS) pinned Diaz 2:23
182 - Dash Lee (3-2)
Champ. Round 1 - Troy Morris (Monte Vista HS) TF Lee 19-3
Cons. Round 1 - Lee pinned Nathan Boyce (Amador Valley HS) 1:52
Cons. Round 2 - Lee pinned Greg Ayala (Northgate HS) 5:05
Cons. Semi - Lee pinned Nick Shaw (Campolindo HS) 3:37
5th Place Match - Oseyiomon Oiyemhonlan (Deer Valley HS) dec Lee 7-3
195 - Alex Feghhi (2-2)
Champ. Round 1 - Feghhi pinned Daniel Serrano (Amador Valley HS) 1:06
Quarterfinal - Feghhi TF Mark Lassen (Gunn HS) 16-1
Semifinal - Wyatt Jehue (San Ramon Valley HS) pinned Feghhi 1:52
3rd Place Match - Gurbir Dhaliwal (James Logan HS) pinned Feghhi 1:17
195 - Mark Lassen (3-1)
Quarterfinal - Alex Feghhi (Gunn HS) TF Lassen 16-1
Cons. Round 2 - Lassen dec Metehan Teker (Campolindo HS) 7-0
Cons. Semi - Lassen medical forfeit over Nicholas Reyna (James Lick HS)
5th Place Match - Lassen (Gunn HS) dec Rohit Misson (James Logan HS) 3-1
220 - Steve Lassen (1-2)
Quarterfinal - Marko Sanchez (Dougherty Valley) pinned Lassen 2:50
Cons. Semi - Charles Crompton (Lick-Wilmerding) pinned Lassen :16
5th Place Match - Lassen pinned Roman Searles (Dougherty Valley) 2:22
285 - Andy Maltz placed 1st, Outstanding Wrestler of the upperweights (3-0).
Quarterfinal - Maltz pinned Austin Foster (Deer Valley HS) :28
Semifinal - Maltz pinned Vikram Narula (Dougherty Valley) :21
Championship - Maltz pinned Christian Lopez (Livermore) 1:01

posted by Rick on Jan 15, 2017 at 7:01 pm

Comments: 0

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