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Spartans baseball redeems initial loss with victory against Vikings
Saturday, April 23, 2022, 6:11 pm | Oracle, Mountain View High School
On Wednesday, April 20, the boys baseball team lost against Palo Alto High School in an away-conference game ending with a final score of 11–1. Following this match, the Spartans will continue to hold their fifth place standing in the DeAnza League.   By the second inning, junior Tyler Yocum successfully achieved the Spartan’s single run... Read More >>
Shin splint epidemic hurts athletes
Saturday, April 23, 2022, 1:44 pm | Paw Print, Woodside High School
Recently, Woodside’s track team has been undergoing another pandemic: shin splints. “Shin splints are pains that you get in your shins when you’re running without proper stretching or etiquette,” cross country and track runner, Adrian Wilson said. Students get shin splints from running too much in a short amount of time. Too much running can... Read More >>
Class of ‘21 alumni succeed in college sports
Saturday, April 23, 2022, 12:00 pm | Campanile, Palo Alto High School
In a game against the Oregon Ducks on March 5, University of California at Santa Barbara infielder and Paly alumnus Zander Darby broke a fourth-inning scoreless tie, pushing his first collegiate homer over the left-field fence. Three innings later, Darby did it again. Darby, a freshman on the UCSB baseball team, played junior varsity baseball at Paly for one year and varsity baseball for three years. Darby said a perk of playing a sport at the collegiate level is being... Read More >>
Boys’ lacrosse topples Los Altos
Thursday, April 21, 2022, 10:10 pm | Paly Voice, Palo Alto High School
In a must-win game, the Palo Alto varsity boys’ lacrosse team (5-3) crushed the Los Altos Eagles (3-5), 9-3, Tuesday evening at home.  Having suffered a defeat earlier in the season against Los Altos, the Vikings came into the game looking to enact revenge and also improve their position in the DeAnza league, according to... Read More >>

Boys Basketball:
San Ramon Valley 59, Sacred Heart Prep 57, Mar 2, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 63, Folsom 62, Feb 28, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Riordan 61, Sacred Heart Prep 44, Feb 22, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 60, Menlo-Atherton 59, Feb 17, 2023
Boys Basketball:
The King's Academy 53, Sacred Heart Prep 49, Feb 14, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 60, Menlo School 49, Feb 10, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 85, Pinewood 54, Feb 7, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 80, Sequoia 35, Feb 4, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Priory 50, Sacred Heart Prep 43, Feb 3, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 62, Crystal Springs 34, Jan 31, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 63, Justin-Siena 47, Jan 28, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 47, King's Academy 39, Jan 27, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 85, Half Moon Bay 61, Jan 25, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 81, Harker 42, Jan 24, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 61, Menlo School 59, Jan 20, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Palo Alto 50, Los Altos 44, Jan 18, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 82, Stuart Hall 47, Jan 14, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 62, Priory 56, Jan 12, 2023
Boys Wrestling:
Menlo-Atherton 42, Hillsdale 15, Jan 12, 2023
Boys Basketball:
Sacred Heart Prep 52, Menlo-Atherton 51, Jan 7, 2023
Girls Basketball:
Sequoia 43, Menlo School 34, Jan 6, 2023
Girls Water Polo:
Menlo - Atherton 15, Carlmont 4, Oct 12, 2022
Girls Water Polo:
Menlo-Atherton 10, Woodside 4, Oct 11, 2022
Girls Water Polo:
Menlo-Atherton 10, Woodside 4, Oct 11, 2022

Despite season challenges, boys lacrosse builds up confidence
Thursday, April 21, 2022, 1:59 pm | Campanile, Palo Alto High School
Coach DJ Shelton said the team is young compared to previous years because he was forced to bring up freshmen and sophomores after losing players early in the season. “We have a good senior leadership group and our captains are really good guys, so we’re banking on that because with a young team it usually takes them an extra few weeks to get the swing of things at the varsity level,” Shelton said. While having a team of younger players... Read More >>
Track and field team starts off strong, sets sight on league, CCS
Thursday, April 21, 2022, 1:35 pm | Campanile, Palo Alto High School
Beginning to ramp up its training in preparation for upcoming invitational and post-season meets, the varsity track and field team holds a 2-2 league record. “We’re really excited to race at the Stanford Invitational and Arcadia Invitational in the upcoming weeks, and then, of course, all focus will shift towards the postseason after that,” junior captain Hillary Studdert said. “I am really excited to see how everyone does at these meets because of the hard work everyone has been putting... Read More >>
Crew Unto Others as You Would Have Them Crew Unto You: Tracing Rower Tessa Tomkinson’s Routine, Accomplishments and Relationships Through her Crew Career
Thursday, April 21, 2022, 11:24 am | Coat of Arms, Menlo School
Early bird gets the worm Before Menlo students are fighting for parking spots, before their morning Coffee Bar runs and before they even wake up, senior Tessa Tomkinson has already finished her athletics practice. Tomkinson is a rower, committed to Brown University, and she’s on the water before the sun even rises. Rowing is a... Read More >>
Team Chemistry in Sports
Thursday, April 21, 2022, 9:12 am | Viking, Palo Alto High School
Sports, though they often seem so simple, are extremely complex. If they were as easy as, “have a good team with good players and you’ll win a championship,” then the Kansas City Chiefs would win the Super Bowl every year, the United States Women’s National Team would never lose a game, and pretty much every... Read More >>
Boys Varsity Lacrosse Continues Winning Streak Against Burlingame
Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 11:52 am | M-A Chronicle, Menlo Atherton High School
Last Tuesday night, the boys varsity lacrosse team crushed the Burlingame Cougars, winning with a final score of 16-2. This game was their seventh consecutive... Read More >>
Track’s Undefeated season
Monday, April 18, 2022, 2:29 pm | Paw Print, Woodside High School
Woodside’s track and field team exceeds expectations as they continue their undefeated season. This year’s team has done amazing so far with improving and keeping outstanding performances. Dominic Barty, a sophomore and first-year long distance runner, runs the 800, 1600, and 3200 distance runs. Barty spends a lot of his time practicing, so he can... Read More >>